Saturday, December 18, 2010

Is that who I think it is???

So ... the kids attended a Christmas party this evening from 6:00 to 9:00 ... which meant Clint and I were ALLLLL alone!  Oh yes!  Clint and I had no kids for THREE ... count them with me now ... ONE ... TWO ... THREE ... whole hours.  Just him and I ... ALL ... A-LONE!!! 

So you can only imagine what two adults did all alone in an empty house for 3 whole hours?!?!?


Nope ... we did not do what you are thinking.


We went to Toys R Us on the Saturday before Christmas! 

That's right ladies and gentlemen!  We went to freaking Toys R Us ... instead of doing ... well ... uhhh ... you know.

Anywho ...

Rule #84573:  Never go to Toys R Us on the Saturday before Christmas unless ... well ... just don't freaking do it!  CRAZY MADNESS!

So ... here are Clint and I ... two stupid adults that are in Toys R Us ... when their children are gone for 3 whole hours ... in the Transformer isle ... trying to find Eythen the MOST AMAZING Transformer.  Now ... he already has 238 other AMAZING Transformers ... but Clint is CERTAIN he needs 239 AMAZING Transformers. 

So as Clint is searching through the boxes and boxes and boxes on rows upon rows upon rows of Transformers ... all I can think of ... where in the world am I gonna store this toy at? 

Then I turn my head and ... I see former KU Basketball Player Jeff Hawkins.

*staring at Jeff Hawkins*

*Jeff Hawkins wife catches me staring at Jeff Hawkins*

QUICK ... look at the Transformers and pretend like you know what you are looking at.

*slowly turn head and stare at Jeff Hawkins again*

I should glance away before I get caught again staring.

I REALLY should look at those darn Transformers before I get caught staring ... again.

I MUST look the other way ...

*look at Clint*

*smile at Clint*

*pretend like I care what Clint is suggesting we get Eythen in the Transformer isle*

*looking at Jeff Hawkins out of the corner of my eye*

Then I start to wonder how stupid I would look if I asked for his autograph.  Sure it has been a few years since he played ... but it is STILL Jeff Hawkins.  AND ... he is still as good looking as ever.  *wink*

*look back at Clint and mouth the words: "THERE.IS.A.KU.BASKETBALL.PLAYER".

Clint's head turns in a 360 degree circle (I am not kidding) trying to see whom I am talking about.

"PSSSTTT ... *pointing behind me* ... he went that way!!!"

Clint is still on a mission to see whom I am talking about.  So ... we toss the Transformer in the cart and leave the isle.

There he is!  I hit Clint on the shoulder and whisper "There!" 

You would think I was hunting for deer or something.  I am such a nerd at moments like this. 

Anyways ... I was so proud of myself ... I found my very own KU Basketball player.  Finders keepers ... loosers weepers!!!  Sure it is not my long lost true love ... Sherron Collins.  And ... he may not be a current KU Basketball Players.  BUT ... he WAS a KU Basketball Player ... and I.FOUND.HIM! 

I kind of thought Clint would dare me to go and get his autograph.  I mean ... if he DARES ME ... then I HAVE to go and ask.  (Which by the way ... I keep a sharpie marker in my purse "just in case" I see any KU basketball players while I am out and about in Lawrence.) 

Clint flashed me a look of dissappointment and says ... "He coaches in Perry ... I can drive you there any Friday to go and see him."

*glaring at my husband*

*looking over at Jeff Hawkins*

*glaring at my husband*


FINE!  Where are the darn baby beds that Breeanna wants for Christmas? 

Maybe I should go ask Jeff Hawkins if he knows which isle they are in.

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  1. Ummm . . . I would ask you who Jeff Hawkins is.

    I have no clue.

    But I am too caught up in the idea of you and your husband using a perfectly good date-night to go to Toys-R-Us.


    Been there. Done that.



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