Thursday, December 23, 2010

Look at the pretty lights ...

Every year we drive around Eudora, Lawrence ... and sometimes other area towns ... in search of some cool Christmas lights to look at.  Last night ... I packed a "sack dinner" for the kids ... and we loaded up the car (which only took us 15 minutes to finally get out the door ... AFTER I told everyone that it was time to go) ... and drove to Lawrence.

I had came across this cool "KU house" online that I wanted Clint to drive us all past.  The guy has his lights set to play to music that he has playing on radio station 98.7.  AND ... he has this AMAZING light "show" that goes along with the KU song.

In fact ... if you CLICK HERE you can read my prior blog about the KU Christmas house and see the video on the light show.  Go ahead and read it ... I will wait.

*insert elevator music here*

Oh!  Your back?!  Great!

Pretty cool, huh?!?!  Well ... if you are a K-State fan ... you can keep your opinion to yourself.

Anywho ...

Let me fill you in on one more thing before I go any far in this blog ...

My husband has NO PATIENCE when he is behind the wheel.  Now ... I would not say that he has road rage ... but it is border line.  When I think of road rage ... I think of cutting people off ... flipping people off ... driving at lighting speed ... pulling up next to someone at a stop light and pulling out a gun.  You know ... that type of thing.  That is how I "define" road rage.  Doesn't everyone? 

I would not say Clint is that bad ... but he does cuss people out ALL the time.  Eythen has told him "The police are gonna find you if you don't slow down." (which was just last night might I add).  He rides bumpers way to close when he "feels" like they are not going the "correct" speed limit in his world ... even though he "claims" he is "two car lengths behind them".  Uhhh ... perhaps two tricycle lengths behind them ... but not two car lengths behind them.  He also causes me to have near panic attacks because of his actions.  I do the normal ... "CLINT!" ... or grab for the door handle ... or I have been known to use my "pretend" emergency break on my side of the vechile (when he is inches away from opening up someones trunk with the front of our vechile ... my foot instantly hits the floor in "hopes" of stopping the vechile myself) when he is way to close to someone (which happened numerous times last night as well) ... OR I will let out a "NOT IN MY NEW YUKON" scream.

Ok ... anywho ...

Where were we ...

So ...

I told you to CLICK HERE and read my prior blog about the KU house.

And ...

I told you that Clint is NOT PATIENT AT ALL when he is behind the wheel.

Ok ... that is about it ...

Back to the blog ...

So at about 7:30 we turned down the correct street where the KU house was.  Now ... if you have never seen this house ... and plan on going to see it this Christmas ... let me "teach you" the do's and don't.  Take this moment to learn from the Moore Family mistakes. 

As we turned down the block ... you could already see the "glow" of the house 3 blocks away.  It was an amazing sight.

Until ...

You got TO the house.

As you are driving on the right hand side of the road ... in anticipation of seeing the most amazing KU site EVER ... there are cars "parked" on the left hand side of the road "watching" the light show.  The cars are lined up from the front of the house ... to the side of the house (the house is on the corner of the block) ... down the block ... and TWO blocks behind that.  YEAH!  All of these cars are "parked" on the left hand side of the road "waiting" for their turn to pull up to the front of the house to "watch" the light show.

So ... Clint put on his parking lights ... and slowly drove down the right hand side of the road ... and went to the end of the line.  Even at the "end of the line" you can still see some of the lights going on.  THERE ARE THAT MANY LIGHTS ON THE HOUSE!

So ... I turn on 98.7 and we listen to the music ... and see the twinkle of the lights from WAY up ahead.

Breeanna:  "Eythen!  Move your head!  I can't see!"

*Eythen bobs his head back and forth*

*Breeanna shoves Eythen*

Eythen:  "Owie"

Eythen:  "MOM!  Breeanna hit me!"

Breeanna:  "No I didn't!  I shoved him!" 

Breeanna:  "I can't see the lights with his big head in the way!"

Me:  "Guys!  There are no lights to see right now!"

Eythen:  "Yes there are!  But they are to far away for me to see."

Eythen:  "Dad ... I can't see."

Me:  "Patience guys!  We will move the car up as other people leave and we will eventually move up to the front of the house to see the "light show".

*10 seconds later*

Eythen:  "This is taking to long."

We are "slowly" moving up in the "car line".  There are SO many cars "parked" against the side of the road.  Some people are blocking homeowners driveways.  I have to admit ... if I was a neighbor ... I would be pissed.

Eythen:  "That car really needs to turn it's lights off when it drives towards us.  There lights are to bright and it blinds me."

*confused look from me*

Did my 6 year old son just realize that some people are not being poliete and not turning their parking lights on as they drive down the side of the road ... while attempting to get to the end of the "car line"?

FINALLY ... 15 minutes later ... we are on the side of the house.

*pretty lights flickering to the music coming over the radio*

Eythen:  "HEY!  That car up there cut!  They did not go to the end of the line!  They just pulled up in front of the first car!"

*still trying to watch the lights as I bob back and forth in hopes of trying to avoid the back of Clint's head*

*Eythen moves to sit on my lap in the front seat*

*now trying to bob back and forth in hopes of trying to avoid the back of Eythen's head*

*seeing the back of Clint's head*

*seeing the back of Eythen's head*

*seeing the back of Clint's head*

Oh forget it.  I just sit back and listen to the music while everyone else sees the lights.

Harleigh:  "DAD!  Those people cut, too!  Look Dad!"

Me:  "Is anyone watching the lights?"

Breeanna:  "I am!"

Harleigh:  "I am trying!  But these people are really bothering me!"

Eythen:  "I'm not.  I wanna get out of here."

*18 seconds later*

Eythen:  "Dad!  Let's get out of here!"

Clint:  "Well ... I can't drive anywhere because you are in the front seat and not in the back buckled up.  AND ... I can't move anywhere because these people are blocking the whole entire block.

UPDATE ON THE TRAFFIC ON THE BLOCK ... the people that are "suspose" to be driving on the right hand side of the road ... and "suspose" to be driving with their parking lights on ... and "suspose" to be driving to the end of the line ... CAN'T!  There is one car that decided it would be a brillant idea to pull up RIGHT NEXT TO OUR CAR and STOP to "watch the light show".  Then you have the people trying to leave (like the four cars infront of us) ... but CAN'T because of that lady as well.  They can not pull away from the left hand side of the road to leave ... because she has all of this traffic backed up and blocking anyone trying to enter or exit the block.

Harleigh:  "This lady is driving me NUTS!"

Eythen:  "I just wanna get out of here."

Clint:  "We will try to leave once the KU light show comes on one more time."


*6 year old getting ticked off*

*8 year old getting pissed*

*Me not sure when my 6 year old and 8 year old started to turn into their Dad with the "No Patience" thing*

Harleigh:  "I really wanna get out of the car and tell that lady to move her car because she is not being nice!"

Eythen:  "Do it Harleigh!  Go say ... Move it old lady."

Breeanna:  "That is not nice Eythen."

Harleigh:  "She is not being nice stopping in the middle of the road."

Eythen:  "Dad!  Can we go now?"


Clint:  "Fine!  We will leave"

*Eythen moves to backseat and buckles up*

Merry Freaking Christmas everyone.


Oh yeah!  Remember how Clint said we would leave once the KU light show played one more time.  Well ... as we are driving away ... what comes on the radio ... and lights start to twinkle to the beat ... the KU song.


Of all the darn luck.

*shaking head*

So what did we learn today boys and girls?!?!?

1.  If you are gonna go to the KU house and watch the light show ... DON'T.

2.  Harleigh and Eythen are NOT PATIENT ... just like their Father.

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  1. So funny!

    OK, nothing like this . . . but Mark and I took the girls to this AWESOME light display they do here at the Portland International Speedway. So many awesome lights!

    OK, but my husband was all caught up in the joy of being on the racetrack in our minivan. And all pissed off at having to go 3 miles an hour behind all of the other cars filled with families looking at the lights.

    So he started swerving back and forth across the track for some excitement.

    As our two girls screamed and balanced on the center console with their heads out the sunroof window.


    Good times.



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