Friday, December 24, 2010

A family tradition ...

Every year on Christmas Eve ... Clint, the kids and I make sugar cookies. This is the one time in the year that I bust out the receipe for sugar cookies ... and make them from scratch. Last year ... I even started making my frosting from scratch. And I have to admit ... I was secretly waiting to sink my teeth into a mouth watering sugar cookie for a few months now. YUM-EEE!!! So sit back ... and enjoy the ride ... as you look through the photos of our family tradition.
FYI ... Harleigh is not in alot of these photos
during the "baking process" (aka: Thursday evening).
She was not feeling very well.
So ... this is what she did most of the evening.
She held the cat hostage.
But ... rest assure ...
Christmas Eve ... she was back in the mix of things ...
and was back in business when it came to decorating the ba-zillin cookies
everyone else cut the night before.
Clint showing Breeanna the "fine art" of cookie cutting.
Harleigh came in the kitchen to cut a few cookies with all of us.
Well ... ok ... I have a small confusion.
I kind of "made" Harleigh leave the "cat hostage" situation ...
so I could snap a photo of her "acting like" she was
apart of the "family tradition" in 2010.
This year ... I promised Eythen I would not tell
Santa that he was bad. I told him that I
would tell Santa that he was "Trying to Behave 24/7 Challenged".
All of the sugar fumes sometimes get the best of us.
Yep ... the sugar fumes have put her on a sugar high.
There are no if's, and's or but's about it.
Either that ...
Or she is crazy?!?!?!
Eythen counting out how many he wants to eat ...
after they come out of the oven.
AND ... how many he wants to eat ...
after they have been decorated the next day.
Chairs are SO over rated ...
Eythen cutting the dough out of some spots on a sugar cookie
that was shaped as a snowman.
He wanted it to have "eyes" ...
a "nose" ...
a "mouth" ...
and "buttons" ...
Let the mess and giggles begin!!!
This was only a 1/4 of the disaster that was left behind.
And guess who was nominated
for clean up duty?!?!
I won by a landslide!!!
P.S. My super cute and amazing husband helped me
clean up the mess! He must be up to something?!?!?!
Nothing say Merry Christmas better than ...
neon frosting ...
heart shapped cookies ...
pink glitter sprinkles ...
and butterfly cookies.
Merry Christmas from our sugar high family ... to yours!!!


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