Monday, December 20, 2010

It's a bird! It's a plane! It is my little gymnast ...

Harleigh had another gymnastic meet a few weeks ago. Yes ... I am just now finally getting the chance to download the photos and get them on my blog. Bad Mommy! Anywho ... Harleigh did amazing at the meet! I always love to watch her do her thing and flip and turn and smile her way through the events. She walked away with another medal to add to her collection ... YEAH BUGS!
Harleigh warming up as one of her coaches spots her.
Harleigh doing her routine on the uneven bars.
Here is she on the highbeam.
... and the low beam.
Harleigh "staking out" the competition as the other
children do their routine on the uneven bars.
Harleigh doing her routine on the balance beam. This is one event ... I hold my breath one each and every time. Nothing makes the blood rush to my head quicker ... than Harleigh flipping off the higbeam to dismount. Nice and steady ...
Harleigh ... her coach ... and a few other gymnasts waiting
for the next event to begin.
Harleigh Jene Moore
December 13th 2010
Harleigh next in line to do her floor routine.
Gymnastic meet all complete ...
Now comes medal time!
Here is Harleigh receiving her medal!
Harleigh proudly showing "her fan club" her medal!
Mommy getting one last photo of Harleigh.
Breeanna and Eythen with their amazing
gymnast sister.
And this gymnastic meet ... Eythen only asked 2 times if it was time to go yet.
We are making progress!


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