Sunday, December 26, 2010

He's making a list ...

... and checking it twice!!!

Before the kids went to bed ... we layed out apples for the reindeer. Poored milk in Santa's special cup. Each kid picked out one of their sugar cookies to leave on Santa's special plate. Sprinkled the reindeer food that Eythen made in kindergarten ... in our backyard. And looked outside to see if we could see Rudolph's red nose shining in the sky anywhere.

And then ... Clint and I stayed up for hours upon end while the kids attempted to fall asleep ... even though they were so excited they were bnouncing off the walls.
Every year ... I type out a letter from Santa ... and leave it by the kiddos stockings.
But this year was different.
Breeanna was CERTAIN if she left a piece of paper by the cookies ...
Santa would write her back.
Well ... she decided this last minute.
She knows my hand writing.
She knows Clint's hand writing.
So thankful our amazing neighbor ... Chuck ... helped the magic stay alive ...
and played Santa for a few moments and wrote this letter to the kids.
Breeanna was THRILLED to read it Christmas morning!

Eythen left the "E" cookie.Breeanna left the bowling pin and bowling ball cookie ...
because she was certain Santa goes bowling when it is "his off season".
Harleigh left the circle cookie
I hope each and everyone of you had a very Merry Christmas.


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