Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday Update ... *PART ONE*

Just a little update at 1:30ish am on how our Black Friday is going so far ...

Me ... I got some AMAZING deals at GAP and Old Navy!  BOO-YA!!!  SCORE!!!  YIPEE SKIPPY!!!  HELL YAH!!!  WOOT WOOT!!!  Nothing like pajama pants for $5!!!  And yes ... in case you are wondering ... the Pajama Pants are for me.  But I did get some things for the kids ... and even got a couple of things for that awesome husband of mine.

OH YEAH ... I hit up The Children's Place online ... Thursday after lunch and got the kids each a complete outfit (multiple shirts, tights/leggings (no those are not for Eythen), jeans, skirts (yet again ... the denim skirts are not for Eythen) and cool shoes ... and did not even come close to spending a $100!  AHHH-MAZING sale I must say!!! 

Clint ... on the other hand.  Well ... he left at MIDNIGHT to go and stand in line at Nebraska Furniture Mart. The doors do not even open up until SEVEN! I have a gut feeling that when he gets there ... the line will still be wrapped around the building multiple times. But ... he is certain he is getting there early enough in advance to score some of the MAJOR electronic sales that they have going on. The sales are really good I must say ... but when there are limited quanities and they only allow one item per customer ... you know that everyone and their dog-second cousin-1st grade teacher-neighbor down the road-and the crazy person you see talking to themselves walking down the street will ALL be there WAY before Clint even pulls into the parking lot.

But hey ... you gotta give him credit for attempting it! Most husbands volunteer to stay home and babysit while the wives go shopping on Black Friday. Not mine. The man means business when it comes to his electronics.

P.S. In case any of you are wondering if I am worried how much he will spend once he gets through the doors at Nebraska Furniture Mart. The answer is no ... I am not worried at all.  I deep down know that he is not even gonna come close to making it through the doors before all the "Door Busters" at 7am are long gone.

May the force be with you Clinton!


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