Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Nighty Night ...

The battle begins tonight.

Mission get kids to bed before the sun starts to rise-without pouting-no pleas of "just 5 more minutes"-forget the idea about watching TV before you go to bed-Mommy will not fall for the "My tummy really hurts."-no you can not sleep on your sisters floor-nor in bed with me-skipping the 96 trips to the kitchen for a drink of water-reinforcing that they do not need to come and kiss me goodnight 53 times-no Mommy does not have to come and tuck you back in just because you thought you would attempt trying to get out of bed and stay up longer ... is in full swing.

Bring on the school night time routine in the Moore house.

This could very well end up being a battle of the wills. 

Someone might wanna check on me Tuesday morning. 

If you have not seen any movement from the Moore house come noon ... send in reinforcements. 

This means the children won ... and I am either:
1.  Tied up.
2.  Still asleep due to the factor that I ended up playing Connect Four and Uno till 4:00 am because one of the kids "Just can't sleep".


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