Friday, August 20, 2010

Let me in ...

The girls are always closing the bathroom door ... and putting a "No Boys Allowed" sign on the door.  Eythen always sits by the door ... and begs for them to let him in.  He sits there and asks them what they are doing ... and tries to push his little fingers under the door in some sort of attempt to win over thier hearts ... in hopes that they will cave in and let "a boy" enter the bathroom.

Behind the closed doors ... the girls are normally putting on makeup, painting their finger nails, painting their toe nails, fixing each other's hair ... all in all ... they are making a HUGE mess that they "claim" they will pick up.  But ... somehow ... it is "half ass" done ... and I have to come through with the Windex, Clorox Wipes, Broom, Mop, do a load of laundry from all the towels they used.  There are even times I think I need to repaint the whole bathroom due to the makeup and nail polish "specs" that landed on the walls. 

Trust me ... this is NOT a place where ANY boy wants to be.

BUT ... Eythen REALLY wants to know what is going on behind that locked door.

So ... I decided it was time for Eythen to get a chance to "play" for awhile behind that closed door.  I told him ... that he could do Breeanna's makeup how ever he wanted.  His eyes lit up ... and a HUGE grin over took his face.  He looked right at me and said ... "Can I make her look like a monster?"  Yep!  Go for it Eythen!  Breeanna on the other hand ... was not thrilled that I gave Eythen the "all clear signal", but was a good sport about it.  Harleigh ... well ... she got the hell out of dodge when she heard the word make up and Eythen in the same sentence.

Here is the "art work" Eythen created on Breeanna.  I have to admit ... she was covered ALOT more with "blood" spots ... but I caught her wiping it off before I could snap a photo.  Monster makeup and all ... Breeanna was a good big sister and still looks cute no matter what.

Thanks Sissy for being a good sport about the "monster make over".


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