Tuesday, August 31, 2010

25 things about me ...

1. Pink is my favorite color. Which is why I love Valentines Day so much. Pink is everywhere!!! Which is why Clint always gets me hot pink roses.

2. I was a cheerleader for 8 years. Yes, that is right, I was a cheerleader and loved each and every minute of it. Heck ... I was head cheerleader my Senior year in HighSchool and my Sophomore year in College.

3. I am TERRIFIED of birds!!! Those darn things scared me to death! I hate going into Home Depot because they fly loose in there. I one time hit the floor trying to duck from one ... needless to say it was entertainment for Clint as he came aroiund the corner and saw me do it. I will never drive with the windows down either ... what in the world would I do if one flew in the car while I was driving ... what the ...

4. I had the time of my life in my college days!!! I do not remember much of it ... but had so very much fun doing it. I met my husband at the bar one night in fact ... some of my best memories are with college friends ... I love and miss you all!!!

5. The older I get my panic/anxiety gets worse. It is a feeling that I hate, but feel like I have no control over it either.

6. My husband is my very bestfriend. I trust him to the fullest, he makes me smile, he laughes at my jokes and I would not be complete without him. Ok, Hilary is my bestfriend, too. She has to remain my bestfriend forever because she has way to much on me to be an enemy of mine. Haa Haa.

7. I love to drink a Pepsi .. but would much rather have a FiGi water.

8. I hate doing laundry with a passion.

9. Getting my tubes tied was the biggest mistake I have ever made in my life. What I would not do to have 1 or 2 more kids in the Moore family.

10. I do not go anywhere without my oversized sunglasses or lipgloss.

11. In the winter I live in hoodie sweatshirt, yoga pants and Nike tennis shoes/Ugg Boots.

12. I NEVER miss an episode of "The Hills" and I am not embarrassed to admit it.

13. I cried when I dropped Breeanna off at school for her first day of kindergarten and 1st grade. I bawled like a baby when I walked away from Harleigh the first day she started kindergarten. I fell into Amy's arms in the school parking lot crying my eyes out. I sobbed the second I turned away from Eythen as well.  I find it so hard to let my kids grow up. I feel like every time I turn around ... they need me a little less, have less of that "baby face" look to them and act years older.

14. I will some day have a boob job and tummy tuck. I so badly want my "pre baby" look back. Diet and exercise is not going to "put things back" where they "use to be" no matter what I do. I may be 50 when it finally happens ... but I guess I will be one hot looking 50 year old.

15. I send out over 100 Christmas cards every year. This year was 130 ... it is the only time I truley keep in touch with each and every person that means something to me.

16. I get jealous over stupid things, I vent when I get frustrated and yell a bit to much, I wear my heart on my sleeve and that has gotten me in trouble many times, I think people are always judging me, I try to think before I speak, I do not like backstabbers, I feel like I truley know "who I am" since I entered my 30's, I sometimes have a hard time communicating to Clint because I feel like he "should know" what is bothering me and I laugh sometimes at things that happened yesterday.

17. I love to kiss my husband. It is one of my favorite hobbies and/or past times.

18. I was in labor for 26 hours with my 1st pregnancy and then had an emergency c-section. Then without a second though I wanted a c-section for the other 2. I went through enough labor one time to last me a life time.

19. My sister and I use to knock on the wall that was between our rooms at night ... that was our way of saying "good night" to each other. I still knock on my wall to this day every night just in case she did.

20. I can not stand meat on a bone ... it makes me gag and I can not stand the sight of it. Won't touch it or eat it.

21. I check the doors nonstop at night to be sure they are locked. I could just have checked them ... crawl into bed ... and still debate with myself it I locked them and get back up to check it. I am the same way with the alarm clock. Now that I think about it ... I think I might have OCD???

22. I had a car wreck that involved cows. Yes that is right ... cows. I was driving home from work one night (I still lived with my parents) and a farmer left his gate open ... it was pitch black outside ... and I plowed right through a heard of cows that was on the highway. I killed 4 and they have no idea how many I hit. My car was totalled and to this day ... I can not handle driving at night.

23. My shoe size is a 6.

24. I sing in the shower and totally rock out in the car. I like to think I am a rock star ... I am that person you see driving down the road singing at the top of their lungs ... yes, that is me.

25. I am a Target whore ... I could shop in there no matter what. I will always find something that "I just have to have".


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