Friday, April 16, 2010

Is today Kindergarten Round-up???

Is today Kindergarten Round-up???  That is all I have heard ... at least once a day ... for the past two months. 

Kindergarten Round-up???  Is it really already that time?  It seems just like yesterday it was July 27th of 2006 and I became a SAHM offically.  I remember thinking that I was gonna have so much time before Eythen went to school ... and here we are ... 2010 ... and it is already happening. 

Eythen was so excited for April 9th to roll around.  At 9:50 ... on the dot ... we walked into the West building to do his Kindergarten Round-up.  On our way to the classroom ... we saw his Preschool teacher, Miss Janell.  She gave him a big hug and told him that she was not sure what she was gonna do without a Moore kid in her classroom next year.  *sigh*  Me neither, Miss Janell ... me neither!

As we walked in, the school secretary greeted Eythen, gave him his name tag, snapped a photo of him ... and then he came to sit down next to me and Clint.  As I was sitting there ... I flashed back 2 years prior ... as I was sitting there wondering where the time went with Harleigh ... and 2 years prior to that ... I was wondering how my baby girl Breeanna was already old enough to go to Kindergarten. 

Just then ... as I was in mid thought ... I hear a Kindergarten teacher say, "So this is the famous Eythen that we have heard so much about." 



My Eythen?

Oh crap!  What did he say now?

He did one time tell his preschool teachers that I was having a baby ... but his Daddy had to go to the store and pick it out first.  *shrugging shoulders*  No idea.

There was the time that he corrected a little boy, in preschool, on the way the kid was pronouncing his "S" sound ... and then demonstrated different things that started with the letter "S".  Miss Janell said she was laughing so hard she had to leave the room.

Or there is his "possum trying to steal corn" smile that Mr. Lauer is always making comments about to Clint or I.

WAIT!!!  What if it had nothing to do with school.  What if Eythen said something that has to do with our home life.  Double Crap!  You NEVER know what is gonna come out of a kids mouth.  Let alone a 5 years old mouth.  Let alone when the 5 year old is named, Eythen James Moore.

There was the time Clint and I "thought" the door was locked.  *gulp*

Did he tell everyone that Harleigh, "tooted" last night during dinner?

Or did he go to school and announce to everyone that Breeanna is not his "2nd mother".

*holding breath*

As I turned to look at Eythen sitting next to me ... two of the Kindergarten teachers were standing next to Eythen chatting away with him, smiling ... and Eythen is eating up every bit of it.  Ok ... so it must have been all good things that they were talking about ... or that is just what I am gonna tell myself ... at least ... until I hear any different.  *smile*

Two seconds later ... one of the teachers reached her hand out ... Eythen reached out and held onto it ... and he was off to take his "test".  I had been practicing for months now on his address, birthday, spelling his first name, spelling his last name, phone number, counting to 100 by 1's, counting to 100 by 5's, counting to 100 by 10's ... you get the point.  If we are driving in the car ... I am throwing out little questions here or there ... for my little man.

Two second after that ... the parents are taken into the library.  We are told the samething that I was told with Breeanna ... and the with Harleigh.  I am not even sure what they said honestly ... I just kept thinking that this is my very last Kindergarten Round-up to attend.  Kind of bitter sweet.  Bitter in the way of ... no more little ones in the house during the day.  Sweet in the way of ... never having to watch that stupid video that was probably made before I was even born ... that they have shown at every Kindergarten Round-up for the past 80 years. 

After the video was done ... and I was done staring off into space.

The library doors open ... and in walks the Kindergarten teachers.

We sat down with the teacher that "tested" Eythen ... and she said how funny, sweet and adorable he was.  YEAH!  That makes Mommy very proud!  She even said that when he was asked to color a square and a circle ... he informed her that he had to have a red crayon and a blue crayon ... for KU.  He then wrote KU ROCKS on his paper.  *giggle*  Clint was very proud at that very moment.  After all ... Eythen's first word WAS Jayhawk.  Not Mommy.  Not Daddy.  Jayhawk.  Well ... it sounded more like ... Ayak at the time.

Anyways ... my little Kindergarten student ...

She then told us that he answered all of her questions ... and counted to 20 for her.  Hold up ... 20?  Is that as far as he was suspose to go?  She told us that she asked him if he could go any further ... and he replied with, "Yes!  I can go to 100.  But it just takes to long ... I am gonna stop right there for now."  All I could do was laugh.  That is my little E-Man.  He is such a hoot.

After all of that was done ... Clint and I went to go get Eythen.  He reached up and grabbed my hand (I will truely miss it when my kids stop reaching up to hold my hand someday) ... as we were walking out ... we asked him why he did not count to 100.  He flat out told us ... It just takes to long.  And there were toys I wanted to play with instead. 

Honest Answer!

Watch out Kindergarten!  Here comes Eythen James Moore!


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