Friday, April 16, 2010

50's Party ...

The Eudora Elementary School was having a 50's themed party to help celebrate the end to the State Test that the 3rd, 4th and 5th grade kids took.  They even included the 1st and 2nd grade students to join in the fun.  They were gonna have a Sock Hop, Drive In movie, sundaes ... and alot of other activites for the first half of the school day.  The kids even got to dress in 50's attire to help make the event "funner" (yes ... I know "funner" is not a word ... but it seemed to work at that very moment when I was typing)

50's attire ... HUMMM?!?!?!  That means I HAVE to find something for the girls to wear to school that day.  We did not get the flyer from the school ... saying they could dress up ... till the week before the 50's party was suspose to take place.  So ordering a poodle skirt was out of the question.  (Bummer!  *sigh*)  So ... I put on my "Martha Stewart" creative hat ... and got to work and their 50's attire.

I know you can not see in the photo above ... but the girls have little poodles on their socks and first letter of their name on their sweaters.  (And yes ... I know that their scarfs around their neck should be to the side.  The darn things kept falling to the center of their necks all morning.) 

On a side note ... Martha Stewart would be proud of me for this one:

I wanted to put their initials on their sweaters ... but was not about to sew/glue one onto their brand new sweaters.  What can I do ... think ... think ... think.  Hmmmm.  I got it!!!  Their Christmas stockings have their initials pinned to them.  So ... I begged Clint to get the Christmas boxes down, and dig through them, until he found their stockings.  Good thing he is layed off right now ... he is so bored ... I could ask him to do laundry and he would probably jump at the chance.


Harleigh Bug:  She was SO darn excited to dance at the Sock Hop!  Her teacher taught them how to do a 50's dance ... and she could hardly wait to bust a move.  I think though ... that she was even more excited about the factor that they got to have sundaes IN THE MORNING at school. 

Breeanna:  I must say ... Breeanna's hair is PERFECT 50's hair.  You can make her hair as puffy and big as you want ... and it stays all day.  She ALSO ... had a couple of boys asking her to "dance with them" at the Sock Hop.  She even had a few boys write her a letter ... asking her to circle "yes" or "no" ... asking her if she would dance with them at the Sock Hop.  Lordy be!  Boys?!?!  Already?!?!?!  *sigh*


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