Saturday, March 13, 2010

What ever happened to the Zebra striped gum?  That stuff was the best!

Am I the only one that forgets what show I am watching during a commercial sometimes?

I hate it when I think there is another stair ... and then I trip and fall because I go to step on it ... and nothing is there.

I hate that moment in life ... that I really wish I had my camera with me.

The problem with common sense ... is that it is not all that common.

You know you married your bestfriend when you can instanly look at your spouse and laugh ... because you know instantly what they are thinking.

Every time I see a cop, I instantly say, "Oh a Cop!  Act natural!"

I hate looking at the clock ... and realizing that only 5 minutes have passed.

"This thing stinks!"  ... "Hey, smell this."  OR  "This taste horrible."  ... "Taste this."  Why exactly do people do this???

Nothing smells better than fresh cut grass.  (or babies right out of the bath tub)

I get so annoyed when I am trying to go to bed ... and I start to think about everything.

I give up.  I put make up on and fix my hair ... I see no one.  I go out looking like I just rolled out of bed ... I see everyone.

I think the government should start to do rock, paper scissors for the important decision making.

I am pretty sure that for every situation in my life ... there is a suitable song that goes with it.

I hate it when I am waiting on someone to reply to the text I sent ... and then I look at my phone and realize that I forgot to hit send to reply to their text in the first place.

Where in the world do all the socks go?  I am beginning to think my dryer eats them.

How are you suspose to fold fitted sheets?

Every girl needs to marry that one man that understands them ... when they really make no sense at all.

Wether you like to admit it or not ... every person has ran into a wall at least once in their life.  (or two or three times if you are like me)

I hate not realizing I have a cut on my hand ... until I put hand sanitizer on. 

When Clint and I were "broke up" during college for awhile ... Some people might have said that I stalked him.  I called it Professional Observing.

Why do 3rd graders have to learn cursive?  No one writes with it.

If I buy a bag of chips ... I want a bag of chips.  Not a half a bag of air and a half a bag of chips.

"Can I get a $5 footlong?"  "Sure!  That will be $7.50."  ... What the hell???

When people ask stupid questions I am obligated to give a sarcastic reply.

I swear I just cleaned the house. Why is it messy again?

You know you found your sole mate when they can handle you at your worst ... because that means they deserve you at your best.

Trust is the easiest thing to loose ... and the hardest thing to gain back.

"A little birdie told me so"  I REALLY need to meet this freaking bird!!!

I am still secretly hoping that someday I will discover that I have super powers.

If the people in movies would have listened to me ... they would still be alive.

On the show Boys Meet World ... Topanga?  Really?  What the hell is that kind of name?

I am addicted to chapstick.

I am pretty sure that 70% of my brian is song lyrics.

I have lost 9,567,325,654,768,953 bobby pins in my life.

I hate it when people step on the back of my shoe when I am walking.

I run up the stairs as fast as I can once I turn the lights off ... because I am pretty sure the boogie man is right behind me.


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