Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ready ... Set ... Build ...

Since we sold our house ... we have NO where to store things.  So Clint decided to take matters into his own hands ... and build a floor to ceiling shelf in the garage. 

Of course ... Clint took Eythen with him to Home Depot when he went to go buy the materail.  What is it about Home Depot that all men seem to think they can build anything no matter what it might be.  Now my 5 year old son is certain he can help Clint build the shelves as well.  So ... like Father like son ... they were on a mission.  Clint even came back with a few "tools" for Eythen to use as well.

Safety First!!!  Eythen decided he need to wear his Little Tikes safety helmet when helping Clint build the shelves.  Hey!!!  Whatever works!?!?!

Tiny Hammer  *check*

Tiny Tape Measure  *check*

Scrap pieces of wood so Eythen can
feel special  *check*

Large nails  *check*

Tiny tool belt  *check*

Table Saw ... Yeah right!!!  Did you really think I was gonna say  *check* on that???

Clint teaching Eythen ... the "ropes" of the construction field ... priceless!!!

WAIT!!!  HOLD UP!!! A table saw?!?!?!  I do not remember saying *check* to the table saw?!?!?!  Hmmmm ....


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