Monday, March 8, 2010

Odd??? Umm ... YEAH!!!

When exactly does something so ordinary and simple "cross over the line"?  When is asking a complete stranger something ... a bit to much?? 

Well ... I think I might have the answer for that one.

Two Valentine's Day's ago ... I got a shirt that said "I love Clint" on the front of it.  I normally only bust it out on Valentine's Day ... but today ... I was feeling a little extra "lovey dovey" ... I guess you could say.  So I put on my "I love Clint" shirt and headed out the door. 

As I was walking through the store ... I was suddenly approached by a guy smiling from ear to ear saying how much he liked my shirt.  I smiled and said thank you ... and began to walk on ... well ... at least that is what I thought I was gonna do.  Before I could even get one complete step past him ... he told me that his name was Clint.  I smiled and said "Small World."  Then ... in 2.5 seconds ... he pulled out his camera phone ... at the sametime he was asking if he could take a photo of my shirt.  Before I could even respond ... he was inches away from my boobs ... zooming in to get a photo of the "I love Clint" that was on my shirt.  I am 99% sure ... I had a dumb founded look on my face during these VERY LONG 2.5 seconds.  Then ... in a blink of an eye ... the guy took off ... while saying to his friend "That is great!" 

Uhhh ... odd???  Yeah ... I am gonna go with ODD!!!

I think ... for now on ... my "I love Clint" shirt is gonna stay in the back of the closet.


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