Tuesday, March 9, 2010

AHHH crap!!!

Last night, as Clint and I were sitting in the living room, watching the weather ... Clint made a comment about Spring finally arriving (the whole weeks forecast said rain ... rain ... thunder storms ... showers ... rain ... slight chance of rain ... possibly severve thunder storms.  Well ... you get my point.)  Not more than 2 seconds after he made that comment ... it hit me ... CRAP!!!  We do not have a basement to go to for storms!!!  (Well ... crap was a mild word that was going through my head.  It was a tad bit more "potty mouth" things going through my head at that point in time.

We sold our house ... and now we have no basement!!! 


Now where am I gonna run to?!?!?! 


If you know a tad bit about me ... you know I do not really care for storms!!!  Ok ... Ok ... Ok ... that statement might be just a wee bit under estimated.  Just a tad bit.  Just an itty bitty bit.

I panic.  I break out into a sweat.  My mind starts to race a million miles an hour.  Sometimes I even cry ... Yes ... I have been known to cry.  Shoot ... I have even been known to run into a wall, a time or two, when the sirens go off ... but that story is not important at the moment ... nor am I gonna give you the pleasure of laughing out loud at my expence. Sorry. *smile* 

For some reason ... I seem to think/vision the tornado is seconds away from MY house (no idea where it is from your house if you live next to me ... but it is SECONDS away from MINE!!!).  The moment the sirens go off ... I freak out.  Plain and simple.  End of story. 

Alright! Alright!  Alright!  I will admit it!!!  I am a big baby when it comes to storms.  There ... I said it. 

So ... if any of you Eudora folk see a flash of light dart through your door followed by 3 kids, a husband, a crazy dog and a very fluffy cat ... no need to worry.  It is just me taking over your basement for awhile.  No need to worry though ... I will be gone once the sirens stop.  But ... if they start back up once I leave ... that flash of light might be busting through your door at any given moment.


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