Saturday, March 20, 2010

It was an "accident" ...

This blog is dedicated to my Mom.  *innocent smile*

At this very moment ... my Mom is already laughing out loud ... because she knows exactly what I am getting ready to blog about.

A promise is a promise Mom ... and I promised you I would blog about our "experience" in the kitchen the other day.  *laughing out loud*

So ... let me paint a picture for you.  It is Wednesday morning around 11:00.  My Mom and I are in the kitchen.  The kids are outside playing.  My Dad and Clint are taking apart the tv in hopes of fixing something.  AND ... It is approaching lunch time.  Do you have the picture formed in your mind???  Good!!!

My Mom had asked me if I wanted to make lunch one day while we were down there for Spring Break.  (She is a brave woman ... I know.)  I had made meatloaf - which was in the oven cooking (don't panic ... meatloaf is one thing that I can cook well)  The bigger issuse ... what was gonna go with it?  I decided on cheesy mashed potatoes.  BUT ... actually turned out more like a rubbery wad of paste.  Go figure. 

So ... my Mom was suggesting some other things that I could "make" to go along with the meatloaf.  BUT ... I was in a whole nother world.  The world of ... "I screwed up lunch for my parents, husband and kids".  Have you ever been to that world?  Avoid it at all cost of it can.  I seem to visit it more often that I would like to.  Anywho ... she had a large bag of frozen hashbrowns ... so ... I decided that hashbrowns would be served with my meatloaf.  Not the greatest idea to be served together ... but ... I was still in "I screwed up lunch for my parents, husband and kids" world ... so I was not really giving a rats behind at that exact moment.

Now ... when my Mom says she has a bag of hashbrowns ... she is not kidding!!!  She had an economy size - feeds a family of 20 - must have bought on sale because it was so big - bag of hashbrowns.  As she opened it, we discovered that they are basically a frozen ball of hashbrowns.  Now ... normally ... I would beat the bag over the counter until they loosened up ... but not this bag.  It must have been in her freezer since I left home (kidding Mom) because it was not budging the least bit.  Next thing I know ... my Mom has a knife in her hands and is stabbing ... yes you read correctly ... STABBING (I am pretty sure this word needs to be all caps) the extremely frozen wad of hashbrowns. 

I am standing there minding my own business ... partly because I am still shocked that my Mom is attempting to actually break apart this large ball of ice with a knife ... and I was still in "I screwed up lunch for my parents, husband and kids" world ... when my Mom turns around to say something to me and actually stabs me with the knife.  Uhh yeah!!!  Stabs me!!!

Ok ... well ... maybe she did not actually "stab me" but the knife came way to close to my shirt and I am pretty sure it caught a piece of my shirt as well.  She "claims" it was an accident ... so I guess we will just go along with it.  As she is telling me that it was an "accident" ... she comes turning around - atfull speed - to say something to me.  At that very instant ... I swear the blood rushed to my head in 2.5 seconds ... because all I could think of was the knife and did she still have it in her hand.  Needless to say ... she got a good laugh out of the look of my face ... and the good possibility that I peed my pants a little bit.

So ... after the "accident" episode ... and me messing up part of lunch ... Mom, Harleigh and I loaded up and ran to Wal-Mart in P.K. and got some stuff from the deli to add to my meatloaf.

Never ... I mean  ... NEVER (yet again ... another all caps moment) a dull moment in my family.

Hugs and Kisses Mom.  *wink*


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