Thursday, March 18, 2010

I think I am the windshild ...

You know the saying:  Sometimes you are the bug ... sometimes you are the windshield?  I am pretty sure lately ... Clint and I are the windshield and the car is out of windshield wiper fluid.

Or the saying:  Sometimes you are the bear ... sometimes you get ate by the bear?  Well ... Clint and I have recently been breakfast, lunch and dinner for the freaking oversized bear.

Or ... Sometimes you are the dog ... sometimes you are the tree?  You see where I am going with this, right?  You guessed it ... Clint and I just got peed on by a stray dog that needed to take a potty break.

Sometimes life seems to throw you a curve ball ... and all you wanna do is play a friendly game of catch.  But instead says, "Take this bitch" ... and the ball hits you smack dab in the middle of the forehead.  I am talking ... shot out of a cannon - hurdling through the air - at rocket speed - coming straight at you - bulls eye painted on your forehead - flying through the air - hits you so hard it leaves an instant red spot and then a large welt on your face. 

Darn it life!!!  Can't you let us hit one out of the ballpark every now and then?  Geezzee.

I will be the first to admit ... 6 years ago ... Clint and I were on opposite teams of one another.  We were screaming "Hey Batter Batter BATTER SSSSSSSSSWWWWWWWWWIIIIIINNNNNNNNNGGGGG." when the other one was up to bat in the "game called life".  We did not use good sportsman ship majority of the time ... and striked out more than once along the way.

Now ... we are Team Moore.  We have became a really strong, supportive and determined team.  I guess you could say, that we are team mates in this "game called life". (yes that is a bit corny ... but I am trying to make a point here.) 

On Team Moore ... Clint is the normally the one that is hitting the homeruns (cause he has lots of muscles  *wink*  *wink*) ... and I am the one trying to physic out the other team by making sassy comments about "your Momma" in the outfield.  It works for us.  So don't go trying to steal our game plan. 

Anywho ... I feel like we keep hitting foul balls right now.  So close but yet so far away.  Two steps forward but four steps back.  I know everyone has there moments every now and then.  But some days ... I think I am gonna loose my ever lovin freaking mind.  You know ... staring out the window ... blank look on your face ... given a pill to "keep you relaxed" in those little white paper cup looking things ... and perhaps drool coming out of the corner of your mouth. 

Just sayin ... sometimes life can really kick your booty.

Wait a second ... good thing Clint has not tried to lock me away in a padded room and heavily medicate me!!!  Geeze ... could you imagine that out come?  He would divorce me and eventually remarry, someone tasteful and appropriate, a skinny blonde who loved ESPN and would never in a million years miss a football game.  Then his second cousin of his great aunt that got a divorce and remarried someone that met Ozzi Osbourn in the McDonald's drive thru at 4:00 am on the second Sunday in May twice removed would spend the rest of his/her life telling Clint, "Told you so."

So boys and girls ... the quote to go by now:  When life gives you lemons ... find someone who has vodka and throw a freaking party!

Or the quote:  We could just give up ... it would be the easiest thing to do. But ... to hold it together when everyone else would understand if we fell apart ... that's true strength.

Watch your back life ... because here comes "Team Moore" (playing a game at a city near you) ...


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