Monday, September 28, 2009

A night away ...

Clint and I celebrated our NINE year wedding anniversary this past Wednesday. What a wonderful thing to celebrate! NINE YEARS!!! I have to admit ... we have had our ups and downs ... bumps in the road ... arguments and fights ... and things to over come. BUT ... we are stronger than we have ever been ... and I love him more today than the day that I said "I do". He is still the reason that I draw those silly hearts on my paper. I still get weak in the knees when he kisses me. He is my bestfriend and I love how we fit together. I suggested that we could see who could come up with the "cheepest date" ... and he was all for it ... or so I thought. I had a coupon for Buy-1-Get-1 hamburger and Buy-1-Get-1 ice cream. I actually thought I was gonna "win". Haa Haa. When Clint came home on Wednesday, he handed me a wonderful card and I gave him a card along with a candle with the number 9 on it and put it in a Little Debbie snack cake. Then ... Clint asked me what my plan for the "cheep date" was. Before I could even answer him ... he pulled out 2 boxes of candles and told me that he reserved a room at Embassey Suites for Saturday night ... just him and I. I was SO thrilled!!! Saturday rolled around ... and we had SO much going on before we got to leave for an evening away from reality. Eythen had a soccer game that Clint coaches at 9:00 am. The girls had to cheer for the little league football team at 10:00 am. Then Clint had tickets for him, Breeanna and Eythen to go to the KU football game that started at 11:00. Since the girls got done cheering at 11:10 ... I drove them to the game so Clint did not have to find a parking place. Then ... at 1:30, Harleigh had to go to cheerleading camp. FINALLY ... at 4:30 ... Clint and I were able to head out the door when my Mom arrived to stay with the kids. We got to the hotel at about 5:30 ... just in time for Happy Hour ... which is free drinks from 5:30 to 7:30. I have to say ... we drank way to much ... but laughed and talked the whole 2 hours without one kid saying "Mommy!!!" or "Daddy!!!". After we drank some yummy drinks for 2 hours went to our room and opened up a bottle of champaign. Clint went and bought the same kind that we had for our toast at our wedding 9 years ago. We had a little toast between the two of us and enjoyed an evening just being "Clint and Jill". I love you, Clinton!!!


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