Thursday, July 23, 2009

Scared, mad, upset, terrified ...

Thursday, April 19, 2007

I NEVER thought I would EVER have to blog about MY kids school having a bomb threat! NEVER did I imagine this would happen in my community. But I guess the truth of the matter is . . . it could happen to anyone, at anytime, anywhere.

I am filled with so many mixed emotions right now. I am still shocked and numb about VT College and what they are going through (God Bless all of them). Then on top of that . . . Clint and I have to try to explain to Breeanna, what was all the chaos going on at her school. How do you explain something of that magnatude to a five year old that that could terrify her, mark her future, and effect her in the future ???

I got a phone call at 10 am saying that there was an "threatening situation" at the Eudora Schools. The kids were on lock down and if you chose to get your child, you could do so once in the school office. I did not think twice about it . . . I have never boltted out of the house faster. I wanted my baby in my arms where I could keep her safe and out of harms way. There were parents EVERYwhere in the parking lot. Other parents were helping out in the office to help other fellow parents get their child signed out. Parents were hugging their kids the second the saw them coming down the hallway. Most of the kids had confused looks on their faces and uncertainty in their innocent eyes. All I could do was fight back tears as I walked out the school doors with Breeanna. I wanted her to always feel safe . . . and know that Mommy and Daddy would protect her from anything that was thrown in her way.

As the following hour went by . . . some of the "information" began to leak out about the "threatening situation". It was a bomb threat. FOUR phone calls were done. The first one was at 5 am. The second one was around 6:15 am. That phone call said that they were going to blow up City Hall and the Schools.

My question is . . . why did they allow MY baby girl to go to school in the first place? Why didn't they cancel school instead of getting all those kids in the building and THEN notifying the parents. The thought of "what if" terrifies me! Not to mention . . . after I picked up Breeanna, it hit me . . . When I went to go pick up Breeanna, someone at the school unlocked the door so I could get in; to go to the office to get Breeanna . . . NO one asked for ID from me or asked who or what I needed. With ALL those parents walking in and out of the building ANYone could have gotten by who was NOT a parent. This makes me wonder "what they were thinking". Maybe another percaution should have been taken at that moment as well.

When you are a parent, you believe and feel that the world revolves around your child. You want them to be happy and healthy . . . AND safe!!! Shouldn't the school be ONE of the safe places for them to go and be protected? I mean . . . . after all . . . . this is their future and we want them to have it all and be all that they can. When we drop them off at the doors of the school, we can no longer protect them . . . we trust the school to do so.


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