Thursday, July 23, 2009

Puppy Love ...

May 19th, 2007

Oh . . . lordy . . . . it happened . . . my daughter has her first "official" boyfriend. Sure, the girls have said they have boyfriends since they have been in preschool. Geezzz . . . I think she has said that she had four to six different boyfriends this year alone (). But there has always been one little boy that she has always talked about when she comes home from school . . . Dakota.
Lil Dakota is such a sweet little man. His Mom is in charge of the Eudora Youth Soccer, and when he figured out Breeanna was playing soccer he begged his Mom to put Breeanna on his team. In fact, Dakota's older brother was the girls soccer coach, Coach James. The whole family is unbelievably nice! They are the most caring family I have met. ALL four of her boys are such gentlemen! From the moment that they met Clint and I, they have welcomed us with conversation, events, and every day life with open arms. An all around good family.

Breeanna definately has a "crush" on Dakota. I remember my kindergarten "love" . . . his name was Scott. I can remember telling him at recess that I was going to marry him. Oh but wait . . . enough about my flash backs . . . back to my 5 year old and her "boyfriend". So, as I was walking Breeanna into school on Friday, Dakota's Mom and "Coach" James stopped us to tell me that Dakota wrote Breeanna a "love note" and was going to ask her to be his "offical girlfirend". Kim (Dakota's Mom) was laughing so hard. She told me that Dakota would not let her read the note and I had to get her a copy so she could put it in his scrapbook. I could not stop smiling. . . . how funny! How cute! How adorable! How . . . wait a minute . . . how old is she??? Oh yeah 5!!!!! A "boyfriend" ???

So Breeanna came home with her little "love" note. it said: Dear Breeanna, This Dakota. I like you lots. You real pretty. Will you go out with me and be my special girlfriend? Love, Dakota After I read it to her, she shrugged her shoulders and said "So like . .. am I suspose to go out on a date with him now?" (Sigh) I chuckled and said "No, you are not old enough to go out on a date." "But he asked me to go out with him." said Breeanna back to me.

Isn't the innonces of a 5 year old the best. Isn't the momeory of your "first boyrfirend" a memory that you alwasy have! How sweet and perfect is a "crush" at the age of 5. But then I have to bring myself back to reality and realize that she is not going to be 5 forever . . . . in no time flat she is going to be 6 going on 16. Then Clint and I will really have "boyfriends" coming and going. Some breaking her heart, and some hearts she will break. Oh . .. can we just have 5 year old "crushes" last forever???


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