Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mission complete ...

May 7th, 2007 My week is offically done!!! What a week it was!!! I was SO stressed out with everything we had going on. Saturday night could not get here fast enough. But now that the dance season is done, I am sad to see it end for the summer break. My girls were PERFECT up on stage! I could not have been prouder!!! Harleigh had receital practice at 12:30 (which I was late getting there and forgot the camcorder . . . but that is beside the point). Her class got to run through it two times, and Harleigh was SO thrilled to be on the "big stage" that she ate every minute of it up!!! Then we had to wait for over an hour until Breeanna's receital practice to begin. Breeanna waited all year for that moment. This was her third year of doing dance, so she knew the "big stage" like the back of her hand. She could not wait for it to be her turn. She smiled the whole time and never missed a beat!!! We got home at 3:00 in the afternoon, and the girls were pure exhausted . . . and we had to be back by 5:45!!! I tried to get them to lay down for a nap, but they were to excited about their costumes an the makeup that they were getting to wear. I shipped my husband and Eythen out the door at 4:30 to get good seats. Needless to say, I stressed out about him getting good seats as well. (I do not think my stress level came down that whole day.) The girls and I arrived with about 2 minutes to spare before show time (yes I was driving like a bat out of hell to make it when I did). Harleigh was act 13 and Breeanna was act 19. So in between me running each kid back and forth backstage and changing clothes in the speed of ight . . . I got ot sit down and shed a couple of tears as each of my cute girls got on stage and showed off their dance moves. I was smiling ear to ear (and chuckling at how cute they were in between the tears). So after a year of Clint and I getting tired of driving the girls back and forth to dance class in Lawrence (and the many "deals" we made to each other . . . if you take Breeanna I will do this or if you take Harleigh I will take care of this) . . . it is over until next fall. I told Clint today that a part of me was really sad that it was done, but then he reminded me how nice it will be NOT to have to drive somewhere every single day of the week!!! Although, when Harlegh asked us if she had dance tomorrow and we told her it was done . . she hung her head down and said "uhhhhmmmmm". That part broke my heart all over again.


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