Thursday, July 23, 2009

Looking back on 2007 ...

Ok ... so I promise that I am getting closer and closer and closer on all of these blogs that I have stored elsewhere. I will sure be glad when they are all trnsferred over ... and my dates will all be normal again for the days I blogged *sigh* Friday, December 28, 2007 Looking back on 2007 not alot of things happened that "changed" our lives. But alot of small things happened that made impressions in the Moore family. Small things that matter to us . . . but probably not to the rest of the world . . . lol . . . - Clint got promoted at his job to a foreman. - Eythen got potty trained after MANY times of attempting it. - Breeanna and Harleigh played on a soccer team called the "Tigers". - Harleigh sang "Head Shoulders Knees and Toes" at the top of her lungs during a soccer game while she was suspose to be the goalie. - I had to have surgery in July. - Clint built a deck on Memorial Day weekend . . . that I even helped with! - Clint and I have been together for 9 years and celebrated 7 years of marriage in 2007. - Clint is doing the plumbing on the new KU football players locker room at Memorial Stadium. - Harleigh got excepted into the preschool in Eudora. This preschool is hard to get into. She had to take a test and rank so high before she could even be considered to get it. So proud of her. - Clint took Eythen to go see Thomas the Train and even ride on it. - We went on a "mini vacation" this past summer. We think the kids had more fun on the elevator than anything else that we did. - Breeanna graduated kindergarten in May and entered 1st grade in August. And yes I cried!!! - I am still an activie member of my kids PTO. - Breeanna joined Girl Scouts this past September. - Eythen touched the glass on the firplace this winter and burnt his hand severly. - I got my nose pierced in February and had to take it out in July for my surgery . . . it had closed up enough by the time I got home that I could not get it back in. - Harleigh is in gymnastics and is amazing at it for a 5 year old who never had done it before. - We got a puppy named Lucy in January. - We went to the pumpkin patch that is about 5 miles from our house. It was Clint's first time attending a pumplin patch with the kids. - We attened KU football games as a family (plus Aunt Janet). - Clint took Breeanna and Harliegh to a KU basketball game. This was Breeanna's 2nd time attending (I took her to her first one last year). But this was Harleigh's first time going to a game. She ask if it was about over as the players were warming up. - Clint finished off the basement in February. What a wonderful accomplishment that was!!! Remember, we have only lived here since July of 2006!!! - We went to Build A Bear a couple of times this year and it is more fun everytime we go. The last time we went, Eythen found a new girlfriend there. A girl that was working there, fell in love with Eythen and he was eating it up. He did not even wanna leave when it was time to go. - Breeanna attended volleyabll camp for 1st through 3rd graders and won MVP of the camp. - Eythen went to his first Sports Bar to watch a KU basketball game with Clint. - The girls had a dance a receital in May with a dance academy that is in Lawrence. Harleigh did tap to Jail House Rock and Breeanna did ballet to Some Day My Prince Will Come. - Eythen busted his head open while jumping on a bed while in Emporia. - The girls did swimming lessons for the first time this year. Both of them passed!!! Eythen did not wanna have anything to do with it. Everytime we would go he would look at me and say "Don't want it. No thank you. Don't want it." and then point to the water. - I started babysitting for a family of 3 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. So needless to say, I have a FULL house during the day! - Harleigh and Breeanna went to their first sleep over. - Clint and I became Aunt and Uncle again. Clint's sister had a baby girl in June. - Clint turned 30 and I threw him a big party. - Eythen colored all over my walls with a Sharpie marker in March. In my hallway, living room, kitchen, and the girls bedroom. - Eythen understood Halloween completely this year. He could not wait to go ring the doorbell. Eythen was a train conductor. Breeanna was Minnie Mouse. Harleigh was Snow White.


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