Thursday, July 23, 2009

I'm a big kid now ...

Februaury 4th, 2008

Well, the day happened . . . the day that I had all 3 of my kids in school. Last Monday, Eythen entered preschool with his big sister, Harleigh. And yes, before you even begin to wonder . . . I did cry .

January 14th, Harleigh's preschool teachers invited Eythen to come and visit for the whole week during Harleigh's class time. They had heard so many stories about our family from Harleigh . . . they had to see Eythen "in action" for themselves. (one can only wonder what Harleigh has shared . . .haa haa)

Words can not describe how excited he was to go to "kool" (aka: school) with Harleigh. He had his book bag, big grin on his face, and was ready to take on the world (or maybe the A B C's and 1 2 3's is a better way to put it)!!! All in all, my little E-Man was ready to go. He even ate his breakfast with his book bag on that first morning.

He was so excited to find out that he got to go back the following Monday. After all, I was really nervous on how I would tell a 3 year old that they do not get to go back, but their older sister still gets to go. So it was a sign from above and we welcomed it with open arms.

I did shed some tears my first day of dropping off the both of them. They held hands and took off running into the school building. They never looked back. It is a good thing that Harleigh is there to "guide" him . . . she is such a good big sister. They are the best of buds, and he will miss her terribly when she is in kindergarten all day next year. Shoot, I will miss Harleigh when she is gone all day next year.
This is his second full week of preschool and he is truely enjoying it. He will remember one certain thing from the day and sticks with it for a couple of days. For example, they had a fire drill his first day there and all he would tell you for the next 3 days was "fire loud" "fire at kool" "we got outside for fire".
I guess all I can say is . . . Eythen, you are a big kid now!!!


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