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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I LOVE 3 year olds! They are figuring out the world each and every day. They even try to relate to you what they see . . . in their own words. Eythen is growing by the minute and about to be a 4 year old. The things that have came out of his mouth make me laugh. You gotta love an Eythen"ism's"!

- Gurls (while shaking his head)
* Meaning: My two sisters are driving me crazy!

- The sunny is gone
* Meaning: It was a cloudy day

- Cricket have long ears
* Meaning: The antenna's on a cricket are ears in Eythen's eyes.

- In 2 minutes?
* Meaning: I do not want to do it now, but I will say 2 minutes to make it sound more poleite to Mommy and Daddy.

- There is a frog in my throat.
* Meaning: He heard someone say they had a frog in their throat after they coughed when we were at the store one day, and Eythen was bound and determined that he had a frog in his throat that he caught with a net and put in his mouth.

- Big Giant
* It is really big in Eythen's eyes.

- It not night time, it sunny.
*Meaning: He is trying to convince me that I have my time mixed up and he does not have to take a nap.

- Don't want it, Don't want it
* Meaning: He is not about to eat what you are putting on the plate so you might as well not even bother.

- He my bestfriend
* Meaning: Any guy that talks to him while we are out and about becomes his bestfriend an hour or so later.

- Oh man
* Meaning: Darn it, I really wanted that.

                                                    - My Momma (or) My Daddy

* Meaning: They belong to me and only me.

- We go to Jayhawk town?
* Lawrence

- I not silly, I Eythen.
*Meaning: If you tell him that he is silly, he will reply "I not silly, I Eythen".

- I small, you big
*Meaning: Anyone that is taller than him is big and he is small (he also does that hand gestures to go along with it).

- We go home now?
*Meaning: He is tired of doing what ever you dragged him along with you to do and he wants it to be over.

- I not sad, I happy now.
*Meaning: I was crying because I got in trouble, but I know I can not get out of time out until I stop crying. So I will let you know that I stopped crying.

- Mom, Lucy has a hole.
* Meaning: Our puppy was laying on her side and her ear was flopped to the side and he could see the inside of her ear. I tried to tell him that it was her ear, but he looked at me and said "NO, it is a HOLE!!!


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