Thursday, July 23, 2009

Honored to have her as my daughter ...

September 19th 2007

This blog is going to be short and simple and right to the point . . .

Today I went to go get the girls at the Middle School in Eudora (they ride the shuttle bus from the grade school across town to the middle school . . . they think they are "cool kids" since they get to ride the bus ). Two buses come from Nottingham Elementary . . bus 4 and bus 5. My girls are normally on bus 5. As the two buses pulled up, bus 4 opened the door and the kids came off. Bus 5, remained with the door shut for at least 5 minutes no letting any of the kids off.

The bus driver decided to try to "prove a point" and was not going to let any of the kids off until they were quite and settled down. In the mean time, (according to Breeanna) they had all stood up and were standing in the isle waiting to get off the bus. As Breeanna came off the bus, she was fighting back tears . .. she ran up to me and just began to cry . (of course Harleigh is off to the side of me already telling me about her day . .. ).

I finally got Breeanna to tell me what was wrong . . . while all of the kids were standing in the isle of the bus waiting to get off . . . some kid pushed Harleigh. Well, Breeanna was in front of Harleigh and the other 1st grade boy was behind Harleigh. Breeanna turned around and said "Stop pushing my sister". He looked at Breeanna and said "I am not pushing your sister, but I will push you ." Breeanna's tears kept falling down her face as I hugged her in the parking lot. She told me that she was just worried for Harleigh and did not want her to fall. She did not understand why some boy could be so "rude" to her (her own little words).

I could not help but smile even though tears were falling down her face. How lucky am I to have a 6 year old daughter that is that protective of her 5 year old younger sister. I have to admit, I had to choke back the tears a couple of times when hers kept falling . . . but pride was just beaming off of me. Clint and I are so blessed!!!


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