Thursday, July 23, 2009

Eythen's leg vs. the bunk bed

I am slowly but surely transfering over old blogs of mine from my myspace account. So I these are not recent ... but they are dated.

This actually happened on:

Thursday, August 24, 2008

I sometimes feel like life needs to stand still so I can catch up. I have meaning to blog about this "happening" since the moment it occured . . . but I can not seem to find the time to even get laundry done, let alone blog.

I have to say this specific day, was one of the most stressful and tearful days I have had since Clint had to leave for work. It was the Wednesday before Labor Day. Up until this day, Clint and I thought he would be coming home that Friday . . . but we had not told anyone just incase "life happened" and it did not work out. This certain day was also a sad and teary day for me for the certain fact that it was Harleigh's last day doing the half day kindergarten. It was my last afternoon with my "Harleigh Bug" in the house. The house was not going to be the same with my baby girl at kindergarten ALL DAY LONG!!!

Around 1:00, the phone rang. Clint's number was on caller id. I instantly knew something was wrong . . . he never calls during work. I did not even answer with a "hello" . . . instead, I said "What is wrong". I heard Clint's voice on the other end say "They want me to stay till Thanksgiving". At that moment I heard Eythen screaming down the hall. I hollard at him to knock it off (I thought him and Harleigh were fighting). Clint went on to tell me that they offered him the position to take over the whole job site . . . BUT he would be there till Thanksgiving (since this phone call and me sitting here typing this blog . . . it is now Christmas . . . yes, count them . . . SIX MONTHS!!!). Suddenly I heard Eythen scream again, I told him to quit screaming, because Mommy was on the phone. Harleigh answered back with "He is stuck Momma".

What? Did she just say he was stuck?

I walked down the hall with the phone to my ear still trying to hear what Clint was telling me. Then I saw it . . . Eythen was laying on the top bunkbed with his leg hanging through the wooden guard rails. His leg was even beginning to turn a bit blue. Phone in hand, I reached for Eythen's leg and tried to push it back out . . . it would not budge. As Eythen began to panic a bit and cry a bit harder, I threw the phone down and ran down the hall. My first thoguht was to find the little screwdriver that goes to the special screws in the buckbed. If I could find it, maybe I could get one of the screws out. Where the heck was it? I could not find it anywhere. I run back down the hall as Harleigh says to me "Daddys says to just break the bed" . . . oh yeah, Clint was still on the phone. Break the bed. . . is he kidding me . . . how was I suspose to break a wodden bubkbed??? I pushed and pulled on the guard rail . . . it would not budge! What in the world was I going to do? I needed my husband and he is hours away.

I ran out to the garage trying to come up with something to "free" my son. I spotted Clint's little hand held saw in the tool storage drawer. I grabbed it and took off, back up the stairs. As I got up the stairs I heard Harleigh saying "Grammy, you have to come quick. Eythen is stuck." Harleigh had now called my Mom. Which by the way, my Mom is 2 hours away. As I walked towards Eythen with the saw, his eyes got huge (poor baby must have thought I was going to do something to his leg with the saw). I was not sure where I was going to saw, but I had to figure out something. As I was debating on what part of the bed to "saw", Harleigh was hollaring out ideas that my Mom must had been saying to her "call 911, go get a neighbor, use butter . . . ". BUTTER??? Seriously??? BUTTER??? I actually had to take a moment out of the "panic" and say to myself "Did she really just suggest, butter?" Ok ... now back to the panic ... I sawed as much as I could. It was not easy doing it. I got a piece of the guard rail apart a bit . . .. I told Eythen to pull as I pushed. Suddenly his leg moved a little bit. It was not much, but I felt it . . . we pushed/pulled one last time and suddenly his leg was out!!! He had major marks on his leg, from where it was in between the guard rail . . . AND he could move it. Lordy be!!! I grabbed him off that top bunk and fell to the floor hugging him. I was so relieved that I just began to cry.

That was my first big thing to happen since Clint had been gone for work that I had to "deal with" by myself. Oh yeah . . . the following day Harleigh shut his finger in the bathroom door


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