Saturday, June 16, 2012

No need to ever question it ... I have video to prove my life is nuts ...

It is offical.

My children are weird.

I am not sure if Harleigh is the ring leader of all this weird-ness.

Or Breeanna is because she is the one recording this video on her phone ... sideways.

OR Eythen ... because he is looking dazed and confused in the background as Harleigh tries to rally Donald Duck to the nearest gas station.


I told you!!!

My children are weird.




What makes it even worse.  This was taken during a trip back to my parents house.  So my three weirdos amazing children were in the backseat making these odd annoying noises ... all the while ... my Mom and Dad are stuck in the car with them for two LONG hours.

I am apologizing now Mom and Dad ...

For any future videos ...

Duck calls ...

Farting noises ...

Singing at the top of their lungs ...

During any LONG ASS car rides back to Grammy J and Papa Gene's house.

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