Friday, June 15, 2012

Happy Father's Day ...

With Father's Day just around the corner ...

I wanted to help all of you Mom's out ...

In helping find the "perfect" gift for the hubs.

So here is a "variety" of options for you.

1.  Unfortunately ... as much as I would like to say that this is a total "gag gift" ... my husband would be trying to rock the shit out of this every time I asked him to grill some hamburgers.  For a small price of $19.99 your hubby could be just as cool as mine.

2.  Now come on ladies ... you know you wanna see your hubby in the bedroom with Beef Jerkey Undies on.  *crickets*  Oh ... ummm ... yeah ... me neither.
3.  This is perfect for the hubby that likes to drink his beer ... look so darn cool ... and never have to leave the couch the entire evening.  It is definately an up and coming fashion trend for the Fall Fashion line ... no doubt about it.  You can have your hubby looking ubber-sexy with a beer belly for a low price of $29.99.

4.  For all those Dad's that just LOVE to grill ... how about a weenie roaster?!?!?!

or ...

On second thought ... this is probably not the best gift for a 6 year old to hand over to Daddy.

Moving on ...

5.  If you have a football lovin .. beer drinking ... wanna keep a cold one in the sweathirt type of guy ... then THIS is the PERFECT Father's Day gift for your husband.

Well .. there you have it.  A few items to choose from to help make Father's Day 2012 the most memorable one for your better other half.

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