Monday, May 28, 2012

Who needs the GAP when you have a pair of scissors???

Every summer I go through my daughters drawers ...

And every summer I am stuck buying new tank tops and shorts because they are growing at the speed of light.

BUT ... their drawers are always full of t-shirts from previous activities they have done during the school year.

Basketball league shirts, volleyball league shirts, gymnastic shirts or dance academy shirts.  They seem to multiply every year in their drawers.  I sometimes wonder if they somehow got two shirts for the price of one with all of them that are crammed into their drawers.

So this summer ... I decided to put my Martha Stewart skills to use and come up with a way to get another use out of their t-shirts ...

That they will outgrow in no time flat ...

By making them "it is hot as hell outside" friendly!!!

I came up with a cute way to go from T-shirt to tank top in less than 5 minutes ...

First start off with a t-shirt ...
On a side note:
I have used t-shirts that are a bit to small ...
and a bit to big.
The ones that are a bit to big seem to work
just a wee bit better.

Cut the colar off of the t-shirt.
You can either cut right on the seam ...
or you can cut an inch or two below the seam.
Depending on how low you want the front to hang.
This one I cut right on the seam.

Next ... cut off the sleeves.
Again ... cut right along the seam.

Now comes the fun and cute part of the whole make-over.
Turn the t-shirt over and cut an "L" shape where the
sleeves "use" to be.
I have also cut the area in a "half circle" shape in
other t-shirts that I have done.

With the left over parts from the pieces that you have cut off ...
Cut 3 long skinny strings.
Let them "roll up" before you go any further.

Pull the back together with one of the rolled up strings.
You can do this in so many different ways
when it comes time to you tieing the two sides together.
Get creative!!!
I did this one by tieing many different knots
going up the back to secure it together.

You can even take some of the extra "pieces" and tie the shoulders together.
This one I tied many knots up and down the shoulder to match the
knots that I tied up the back of the shirt.
The options are endless on what you can do!!!

A cute new tanktop to add to the summer wardrobe pile ...
And I did not have to shell out $15 at the GAP for it!!!

Here is another option that I did ...
I braided the back together on this one.
Just a little something different than the knots.

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