Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I know ...

I know ...

I know!!!

I have been totally neglecting all of you.  I do not mean to.  I really don't.  I try to blog ... I really try to make time to get to the computer and post something.

After all ... there ARE 24 WHOLE hours in a day.  I have plenty of time between 10 pm and 6 am to post something.

I apologize.

But truth be told ... my mind has been 100 places ... and my body has been to at least 75 of those places.

Clint and I have our plates full.

Between Eythen's baseball practice twice a week ... which Clint coaches, Eythen's soccer practice and soccer games twice a week ... which Clint coaches, Breeanna's private dance lesson on Tuesday, Breeanna's hip hop class on Wednesday, Breeanna's tap and ballet class on Thursday, Breeanna's dance competition class that is also meeting on Friday, Clint's kickball games on Friday, Harleigh's private dance lessons on Tuesday ... and then an hour later she goes back to the dance studio for a tap and ballet class ... I am on overload.  Don't forget the Honor Choir concerts, dance competitions, PTO meetings, meetings for the school carnival that I am helping put together again this year, Clint being on the Youth Football board, birthday parties, volunteering at the kids schools, dentist appointments, having lunch with my kiddos at school once a month and the panic attacks that I seem to squeeze in at the worst possible times (that is another story for a whole different time) ... we are going nonstop from the moment our feet hit the floor every morning.

And to top it off ... I don't work.  So why in the world can I not find an hour here or there to blog???

Well ...

Do you know the answer???

Because I sure the hell can not figure it out.

On the flipside ... some people exercise when they get stressed out ... some eat ... some drink.

Me ... when anxiety starts to take up every inch of my being ... I clean.

And let's just say ... my house is so clean you could eat off my floors.  Well ... ok ... you may not wanna do that.  Who knows what the hell our bitchy cat does on those floors when no one is looking.  I am certain she pees on them on purpose right after I mop them just to prove a point.

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  1. Hey, it's ok. I get it. Don't know where my time goes either. Kid's will do that to you!


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