Saturday, March 24, 2012

On the Eve of the Elite 8 game ...

If there is one thing that you should know about me and my family ...

We are die hard KU fans.

Through. And. Through.

The crimson and blue.  Waving the wheat.  Paying heed to all who enter.  The rock chalk chant.

It is in our blood.

If you are a fellow KU fan ... you know that we are a unique bunch of fans.

We love our KU basketball team.

We might possibly be are obsessed with KU basketball.

Plain and simple.

When KU wins ... we all win.  We share in the victory. When KU looses ... we all loose. We hurt as much as they hurt.  Our world literally stops ... and we take a moment hours of silence.  I am pretty sure a KU loss is also concidered a sick day when it comes to working the following day. 

We take every loss to heart.  We blame it on ourselves.  We truely feel like it is OUR fault that KU lost a basketball game.  Did we not cheer loud enough?  Did we forget to wear our lucky underware?  Did we not drink enough beer during the second half?

We do not care for K-State Wildcats ... the whole "E-Moo" ... "E-Meow" ... "E- whatever it is" ... we don't get it. Plain and simple. But I can promise you that we would MUCH rather sit next to a Wildcat fan at Applebee's and share a beer ... than those darn Missouri Tigers. Barf. I promise you that KU fans around the world were jumping for joy when K-State wiped the floor with Missouri this past basketball season. Go State!

We hold grudges like nobody else.  We will never forgive Roy for leaving us ... but would never trade Bill Self for the world.  In fact ... we are certain that Bill Self should run for President.  And with the KU fans support ... he would probably win.

Speaking of Roy ... we also do not like North Carolina.  Period.

When it comes to tournament time ... we cringe when we have to play a "no-name team" that starts with a letter "B".

The letters VCU ... still make us pissed off upset to this day.

We all know the Rock Chalk chant ... and get goose bumps everytime we hear it barrelling through out every inch of Allen Field House.  It is a sound like no other.  Simply. Amazing.

Allen Field house is the only place where you and 16,000 of your closest friends can get together for a couple of hours and have the time of your life cheering for the alli-ops and slam dunks.  All the while screaming at Tyshaun for turning over the darn ball for the 900th time.

KU fan's ... still talk about that life changing moment when Chalmers shot that 3 point shot.  We talk about it like it was yesterday.  After all ... it was "The shot that was heard around the world" ... and will forever be one of the most amazing moments in our lives.

Like I said ... we are a unique bunch of fans.

So here we are.  On the Eve of our biggest game yet this season.

At 4:00 on Sunday we will be playing North Carolina ... and stupid Roy.

And. I'm. Nervous.

Like ... sick to my stomach nervous.

Sure this is what March Madness is all about.  But when you have been as awesome as KU ... for as long as KU has been awesome ... games like this mean everthing.  It is the second time we have crossed pathes courts with Roy since he packed his shit up and left.  We beat them last time ... and went all the way to winning the National Championship.  So as you can see ... this is not "just another game" for KU fans ... it is everything.  Sure there are times that we ... get over confident ... conceited ... cocky ... and become snobby ass-holes ... but that by gosh ... makes us a KU fan.  And I would not trade this group of trash talkin-basketball-lovin-group of KU fans for the world.  And that my friends ... makes us awesome.

We. Are. Kansas.

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