Saturday, March 17, 2012

Leprechaun's born with cute little black shoes and gold buckles ...

Conversation between Clint and I as we were getting ready for bed:

Me:  Is your tongue gonna stay green because you drank all of that green beer?

Clint:  Doubt it.

Me:  Then what fun is it drinking green beer if your tongue will not stay green for at least a few days.

Clint:  Beer is good wether it is green or not.

Me:  What if we decided to have another baby and go pregnant on St. Patrick's Day and all that green beer caused us to have a little leprehaun?!?!?  He would be born with a little red beard and I would dress him in little black boots with gold buckles on them.  OH!  And he would go around saying "Ahoy Matey"!

Clint:  Why would he go around saying "Ahoy Matey"?

Me:  Because that is what little leprechaun's say.

Clint:  No.  That is what pirates say.

Me:  Then what do leprechaun's say?

Clint:  "Give me your pot of gold".

Me:  Why does our leprechaun have to be a bully and take people's gold?  We really should put a stop to this before it gets out of hand.

Clint:  Are we seriously having this conversation?

Me:  Yes!  Good parenting starts with conversation between the parents ... and I do not wanna raise a bully.

Clint:  I am pretty sure you are nuts.  Not nuts like ... haa haa.  Nuts like ... in a straight jacket ... laying in the corner ... in a fetal position.

Me:  If you think I am nuts ... please remember that you married me.  Who is nuts now?

Clint:  Good point.

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