Monday, February 13, 2012

Who said Valentine's Day gifts had to be chocolates and roses?!?!?!

Since tomorrow is Valentine's Day ...

I thought I would give you "last minute shoppers" a few gift ideas for you for that special someone in your life.

Nothing says "love" better than a pink Hello Kitty bad ass gun.  And it is also a little bost of security for those moments when your husband pisses you the hell off.

Oh yes!!!  The Nipple bra.  Could you look more sexy than with your high beams on???  I think not!!!  No more hoping that you are nippin out ... now there is a bra that allows you to have that amazing look 24/7.  BONUS!

Don't have time to plot out what is gonna go on in the bedroom on Valentine's night???  No need to worry!!!  These Sex Shakers will take care of all the debate of which way to do what ... for how long ... and in what position.  Thank goodness someone thought of these things ... or Valentine's night might be a big 'ol snore for 98% of America.

I really do not even have something to say about this stupid weird odd ball what the hell contraption.  I am left speachless.  Although ... I am guessing there are alot of Chinese men that are very happy this invention came about.

On a side note ... the answer is no Clint ... we are not purchasing this.

This is the perfect gift for those men that want a beard ... but does not wanna grow one out.  Problem solved!  A beanie cap ... with a crocheted beard.  What man would not look ubber hot in this get-up?!?!?!

Why waste precious time and energy trying to control the thoughts and actions of your significant other when you can automate the process?  Let this cool remotes do it for you.  So while I am watching my LifeTime movies in the living room ... I can buzz a smart ass comment to Clint ... who can buzz a whitty reply right back.  Who needs communication skills in a marriage when you have this bad ass remote?!?!?!

He will never blame you for loosing your keys ever again ladies!!!  Just mount this devine invention to your wall ... and insert your keys into the his and her key holders.

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