Saturday, February 18, 2012

I think I am addicted ...

Pin . ter . est (n.):
A fun reminder of the clothes I will never be able to afford/fit into, the home decor I will never be able to afford/fit into our small home, the recipes and crafts I am not talented enough to ever make, the sayings I was not clever enough to think of on my own, the photos I wish I had taken but didn't.

That is the definition of the newest craze amongest women on the internet.

Pinterest ...

It has over taken every inch of my being.

I can not stop "pinning" ...

I can not stop thinking of all the things I could create ...

Pinterest truely makes me think that I could take on Martha Stewart ... and kick her ass in the crafting department.

Pinterest is like fantasy football for woman ...

But cooler.

Pinterest makes me feel like I could actually cook some of the receipes on the website.

I really think I need help!!!

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