Saturday, December 31, 2011

You are not going out looking like that are you???

*look in mirror*

*lean against bathroom counter to get a closer look*

*sit on bathroom counter to get an even closer look*

What the hell is on the side of my face???

*move hand up and down the side of my face*

*run downstairs to find Clint in the "man cave"*

Me:  Clint!  What the hell is all over the side of my face?

*leaning very close to Clint*

*Clint pushes me back some*

Clint:  No idea.  You are way to close for me to see anything ... except maybe smell your hair.

Me:  See!!!  THIS!!!

*moving finger in circular motion around entire head*

Clint:  What am I looking for exactly?

Me:  See!!!  All these tiny bumps that are on one side of my forehead.

*pointing frantically at forehead*

Me:  AND these bumps!!!

*pointing towards my cheek*


*pointing finger frantically all over my neck*

*Clint squinting to see because it is so darn dark down in the man cave*

Eythen:  All I see is that big dot right there.
*Eythen pointing at the center of his cheek*

Me:  That is a ZIT!  But thanks a million for pointing out the huge mountatin on my face.

Clint:  OH!!!  I do see all the bumps.  Good news is though ... people will most likely see that zit ... and not the bumps on your face.

*flashing Clint a dirty look*

*Clint not even noticing that I flash him a dirty look because it is so darn dark down in the "man cave"

Me:  The only thing I have done different is take those darn cinnamon pills at my Mom's house.  I have got to be allergic to them.

Clint:  How many did you take?

Me:  4 ... errr ... maybe 5???

Clint:  How many are you suspose to take?

Me:  1 ... errr ... maybe 2?  No ... I think it is 3!  Yeah ... well ... maybe?  I don't know!

Clint:  Move babe.  You are blocking the projector and this is a big game.

*giving Clint a F-U look*

Clint:  Take a Benadryl.  See if that helps.

*all the while ... Clint is staring at the projector screen*

flash forward to the next morning ...

*go to bathroom mirror and scan my face to see if the bumps spread everywhere else*

*damn zit is still there*

*debate with myself on if the bumps are not as red and noticable*

*spot Clint walking down the hallway*

*leap out of the bathroom to get his opinion on the status of my stupid cinnamon allergic reaction*

Me:  HEY!

*Clint flashes me a look as if to say ... I am pretty sure my wife is on drugs because she is leaping out of the bathroom at a really quick pace while trying to tackle my down the hallway*

Clint:  Huh?

Me:  It looks better!  Right?

*pointing finger around the spotted area on my forehead, cheek and neck*

Clint:  OH!!!  Yeah ... that looks bad.

Me:  I thought it looked better?!?!?!

*Clint flashing a look as if to say ... I really hope you are not going out looking like that with me today*

Eythen:  I still see your zit if that helps at all Mom.

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  1. Oh, love it when that happens:( I hope it goes away soon though.

    P.S. Come check out our first giveaway of a PMD


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