Sunday, September 18, 2011


My 11th wedding anniversary is quickly approaching!!!  I can hardly believe it!!!  I feels amazing to be able to say that I have been married AND truely in love with Clint for ELEVEN years!!!

Come to find out ... after doing some google research ... steel is the "traditional" anniversary gift that you are suspose to give on your loved one on your 11th wedding aniversary.


Is this a horrible joke?!?!?!


Are you flippin kidding me?!?!?!


So ... in the spirit of following tradition ... I came up with some lame thoughtful 11th anniversary gift ideas for all you unromantic guys out there who are waiting to the last minute to buy a gift having a hard time finding a gift to show your wife that you wanna get layed love her.

The ever popular ... wrench.
That is a wrench ... right?!?!?!

What girl would not want a pin?!?!?!

A swiss army knife is ALWAYS a safe bet when it comes to 11 year wedding anniversaries!!!

A steel clock would come in handy, too!!!
That way she would know what time you would be coming home ...
So she could greet you at the door naked with a beer.

 OF COURSE ... you can NOT rule out steel brillo pads!!!
Nothing says love ... more than a reminder that
she has dirty dishes to clean up in the kitchen.

 If you wanna FOR SURE "get some" on your 11th
wedding anniversary evening ...
then you MUST get her a steel travel mug. 
It just SCREAMS sex!!!

 If you wanna go for more of the
"I will love you till the end of time"
approach ... then steel nails are the gift for
you to give your loved one. 
I PROMISE you ... that she will NEVER forget this stupid amazing gift.
 Personally ... Clint ... I will just settle for this little piece of steel. 
Nothing major.  Just a simple little bow put on top of this pretty piece of steel.

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