Tuesday, September 6, 2011

*jumping up and down from excitement* ...

Brace yourself ...

You better sit down for this ...

I have some really exciting news!!!

Heard on the Playground just emailed me saying that some of my blog post about the kiddos was gonna be published in a book.


They first invited me to send some of my blog post over to them to publish on their website ...

So I did.

Then they asked me to submit some more ...

So I did.

I checked back often to see if any of the post were even actually being chosen to go on their website ...

And they were.

Then today ...

I got an email with the title of: Including Your Blog in Published Book???

At first I almost did not even bother to open up the email.  I honestly just thought it was someone trying to sell me something or get me to let them advertise on my blog.  But ... I decided to open it up anyways.

Good thing I did!!!

Here is some of what I read in my email ...

Heard on the Playground has selected a limited number of contributing Mommy and Daddy Bloggers to be featured in our book of funny kid stories and illustrations due out in mid-October.

This book will be distributed on Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble.com, Kindle and in various children's boutiques, gift stores and retail outlets. Your blog was selected due to your talented writing and interesting content. We will list your site and a short description at the end of our book.

Can you believe it?!?!?

Me neither!!!

All I can say is ... it is moments like this that I am glad I have so many "What the F*&# moments" in my life.

All the choas.

All the moments I laugh so hard I pee my pants just slighty.

All the times I think to myself "Did my child just seriousy say that sh*#?!?!?!

All the moments that make my family one barrell full of crazy.

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