Friday, July 29, 2011

Are we in hell???

Seriously ... when is this heat gonna end???

I am officially OVER IT.


For all of you people that were begging for summer to hurry up and get here when it was 4 degrees outside at 8:00 in the morning during all of February ... are you happy???  Are you happy?

For all of you that wanted to break out your flip flops because you were tired of shoveling all of those mounds of snow last winter ... are you happy?  Are you happy?  Thanks Clint for shoveling the driveway each and everytime it snowed last winter while I sat inside infront of the fireplace wrapped up in a blanket.

For all of you crazy ass people that could not wait to layout in the sun with your 2 piece bikini on because you were tired of the scarves, hats and coats ... are you happy now???  Are you happy?  Well ... are you?!?!?!

Personally ... I am ready for my hoodie sweatshirts ... sweatpants ... and Ugg boots.  Except Clint likes to call my Ugg's ... "FFugg's" ... *fucking fake ugg's*.

Don't get me wrong ... I enjoy a good summer tan while the kids wear themselves out while jumping in and out ... in and out ... in and out ... in and out of the pool all afternoon wrong.  But this 100 degree shit is hell.  No punt intended.

All I know is ... that the guy who invented the AC is one sexy inventor in my book.  He/she is way hotter than the guy/gal whom invented wine popsicles ... which I am not sure really exsist ... but they really should.  That is a money maker right there people.

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  1. Bring on the FALL!!!! I'll even take winter and snow over all this HOT!!!! I know it was hot when I was a kid, and Hell, we didn't even have A/C, but now I am sweating just thinking about going out!!!
    PS...loved the FFUGG's comment!!!


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