Thursday, June 16, 2011

Just call me Martha ...

Yep ... that's right!

My Martha Stewart skills were back in full swing ... and I just KNOW that Martha is at her home reading this blog ... and beaming with pride that I made such ubber cool gifts this school year.

Don't be jealous that Martha reads my blog.

I am certain she does!!!

Uhh Huh!!!

She does to!!!

*stomping foot*

Yes HUH!!!

Does to!!!

In fact ... she is so excited about what I created that she nearly peed her pants!!!

Well ... I am pretty sure she just peed her pants.

Well ... maybe just a little tinkle.

Ummm ...

She ...

Uhhh ...

Oh!!!  All right!!!  She does not even know that her crafty skills are lingering in a little town in Kansas.

There ...

Are you happy now?!?!?!?

*pouty face*

Eythen's kindergarten teacher's notebook that I made.

This is what Eythen wrote in his notebook for
his OUTSTANDING kindergarten teacher to read.

Dear Mrs. Sweany
I love you
You are a god teacher
I will miss you.
See you soon.
You are smart.
I am smart.
From Eythen

This is the note book that Harleigh and I put together to give to her 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Mason.

Inside the notebook Harleigh wrote:

Best Teacher Poem

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
You are the best teacher I ever knew
You are kind
You are special
I'm the best just like you
You are sweet
You are kind
Thankyou for the best school year
Wait there is more
Think about it
You are the best teacher I eve knew
You are cool
You are awesome
Let's hope the next year is twice as good
This is the end of the poem
See you next year and we will still have fun
I still have something to say
You are the best teacher I ever knew Mrs. Mason
I nevr want to leave but I have to go to the 3rd grade.
I like you
You are the best
Love Harleigh

Breeanna and I created this notebook
for her fan-flippin-tastic
4th grade teacher, Mrs. Hayden.

Inside the notebook, Bree wrote:

Mrs. Hayden:
You are the best teacher I have had in years.
You are very nice, awesome and cool.
We did alot of crafts and Art.
We did Math (which is my favorite), science, reading and more.
We had alot of fun.
Maybe I will see you in the summer
or in the hallways in 5th grade.
I will miss you very mch and Miss Johnson too.
I bet I will cry.
From Your Student,
Public Announcement to all my loyal readers ...
I would just like to point out that every misspelled word, run on sentence and misused word ... came straight from Breeanna, Harleigh and Eythen's heart.  Thanks for an amazing 2010 - 2011 school year Mrs. Sweany, Mrs. Mason and Mrs. Hayden.  You guys rock!!!

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