Sunday, May 29, 2011

And the winner is ...

Well ...

Well ...

Well ...

What do we have here???

I won a flippin award for my blog!!!  Can you believe it?!?!?  Me neither!!!

Ok ... now ... it is not the Nobel Prize or anything like that.

It is more like those awards that teachers gave you when you were a child.

You know ... the ones that say:

"insert name here" raised their hand when they needed to use the restroom

And then it had a scratch and sniff sticker on it.

Yeah ... it is kind of more that route in the "awards" department.

But it is ALL MINE!!!

In order to gets this award ... another blogger must give it to you ... and then you pass it on to another blogger that you enjoy reading.

Isn't my award beautiful!!!

Now ... this award comes with some "rules" attached to it.  (Everything's gotta price).

One ... you must tell the cyber world 7 things about you.

Two ... you must present this award to some fellow bloggers that you think are top notch!

So ... here it goes:
1.  My feet can NOT hang off the bed at night.  Not even one little toe.  Nope.  Not a chance.

2.  I am TERRIFIED of birds and grasshoppers.  I mean ... take off in a dead sprint-arms waving in the air-screaming at the top of my lungs-scared!!!

3.  I love the color pink.  LOVE. IT.

4.  I have always wanted my upper lip pierced.

5.  I am a coupon whore.  Yes ... I am one of "those people" that hold up the line and buy 25 bottles of mustard because I am getting it for free.

6.  I ate a whole tub of cake icing when I was pregnant with my middle daughter ... in one setting.

7.  I set the world record for winning the most times at Connect Four in a row ... in our family.

Special shot out to Amberlie at for giving me this award.  *high five*

And here is the list of blogger that I think are top notch ... and deserve this ubber cool award:

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