Thursday, March 24, 2011

Time for change ...

It is that time of year ... that I need a change.

I need to do something that will get me out of the "winter blues" ...

So I started off with some Spring cleaning.  I went through all of the kids closets ... and pulled out the winter stuff that I knew would not fit next year.

Which filled up 4 large boxes of clothing.

Then I went through the boxes of Spring clothing ... in hopes of pulling them out ... and placing them in the closet for the up coming warm season.  But ... everything that I pulled out and asked one of the kids to try on ... kept going right back into the box ... because it did not fit.

When that "mission" was all done ... not ONE SINGLE piece of clothing came out of the box ... and stayed out of the box.


I have never had one season come along ... and NOTHING fit ONE single kid.


So ... that "mission" did not help me OR the check book out ALL AT.

So I then directed my Spring cleaning towards my house.  I scrubbed every inch of this house.  I even sat down on the floor ... and worked my way up and down every single base board in the house.  I even scrubbed the bathroom and kitchen floors BY HAND.

But then ... two days later ... one kid spilt juice on my kitchen floor ... and the dog decided to pee on the bathroom floor ... so that did not help me out either.

The only thing left is either get another body piercing, hair extensions, a tatoo, go on a vacation to Jamaica, be put on prozac or eat a tube of oatmeal cookie dough in one setting.

Until I decide what I am gonna do ... I will just change the background to my blog.

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