Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Let the madness begin ...

We interupt this regularly scheduled blogging post from Life According to a SAHM ... because today is officially the first day of March Madness!


I LOVE March Madness!

I hate football ... but I LOVE college basketball.

I kind of think that March Madness should be a national holiday.

Presents and beer for everyone!!!

I do not think anyone should be at work on game day.  It is just not right.  DVR'ing a game ... or listening to it on the radio while you are "suspose" to be working ... that is just plain crazy talk.

Who should have to do that???

Well ... OK ... Missouri fans should have to ... but that is beside the point.

But no one else should have to suffer through March Madness like that.

It is just not healthy.

It really isn't.

I wonder who I should talk to about getting these days put on the calendar for 2012???

Honestly ... Clint's and my marriage will be put on hold until the buzzer goes off ...

And KU is cutting down the net ...

While the song "One Shining Moment" is being played ...

After the National Championship game in Houston.

*fingers crossed*

Rock Chalk!!!  GO KU!!!  Yes ... I put in a shamless plug right there for the most amazing college basketball team out there.  No need to judge me ... it is my blog after all.  *wink*

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