Monday, January 31, 2011

You mean blizzard ice cream?!?!?!

For the past few days the weather reports have been saying that we are gonna have a massive snow storm tear through the area. 

I kept telling Clint that I did not believe it ... that it would die off ... and we might end up with a little "dust" of snow covering the ground when we woke up Wednesday morning.

I think I might be wrong on this one.

*shrugging shoulders*

Today while I was doing the dishes ... our weather radio started going off.

BEEP ...

BEEP ...

BEEP ...



My FIRST thought is TAKE COVER!  A *bleeping* tornado is about to take my house and I will end up like Dorothy in the Wizard of Ozz.

We're off to see the wizard ...



I am still focused on the fact that a tornado is gonna blow me away and I do not have my ruby red slippers on click together 3 times ... to get me back home!!! 

There's no place like home ...

There's no place like home ...

There's no place like home ...

I DO NOT deal well with tornados.


Point blank!

No if's ... and's ... or but's about it!

The ONLY time that darn weather radio goes off ... is when a tornado is about to hit ... and I start to cry ... possibly curl up in the fetal postion ... and scream "I WANT MY MOMMY!"



I freeze instantly and try to remember where Clint told me to go and take cover in the house incase the tornado sirens ever went off and he was not here. 

All I can think of ... is that ... THERE IS NO F*CKING BASEMENT!!!!



Suddenly everything starts to sound like Charlie Brown's teacher ...

WHAW ... WHAW ... WHAW ...

Did that say BLIZZARD?!?!?!

For Douglas County?!?!?!

This is Kansas for crying out loud.  When I think of blizzards ... I think of Alaska ... eskimos .... big furry coat ... living in iglos ... using a sled pulled by dogs to get around. 



Tornados ... sure!!!

Blizzards ... uhhh ... no!!!

Anyways ... after I realize that I am not gonna die in the next 5 seconds due to some random tornado in January ... I go and tell the kids that we are in a blizzard warning and their new snow boots and new snow suits that we spent $155 on will STILL get some use out of them.


Money well spent.

(I said that with TOTAL scarcasm incase you were wondering)

Harleigh asked me what a warning was ...

Eythen asked me if I was talking about a blizard from Dairy Queen ... because if so ... he wanted an Oreo Blizzard.

Breeanna asked if they will cancel school ... and if so ... can they stay up late.

Will they cancel school?!?!?!  That is a REALLY good question my adorable little 9 year old!!! 

The "blizzard" is suspose to start at 7 am. 

That is well after I have my kids up.  Shoot ... we have already had breakfast by 7 am would be playing our morning game of Uno by that time. 

By noon it is suspose to be "white out conditions".  I know as a parent ... I sure the heck do not wanna be out driving in that mess at 3:00 in the afternoon to pick the kids up from school.

I wonder if they will cancel school "because the weather man PROMISED a blizzard was coming?!?!?


I can do one of two things ...

1.  I can send their little hiney's to bed at their normal time because this Mommy needs "some quiet time" and hope the school calls by 5:30 am and cancels school.

or ...

2.  I could let them stay up late and hope that they cancel school tomorrow.   BUT ... that would be my luck that school would not be canceled ... and I would still have to get my kids up early in the morning. 

And they would be tired ...

And cranky ...

At school ... 

What if they had a test ... and was so tired ... they failed?!?!?! 

What is they fell asleep at school because I let them stay up late in hopes that there was a snow day?!?!?! 

What if they were so cranky they got sent to the principle's office?!?!?!  Then the principle would ask why were they so tired and cranky towards everyone at school ... and they would reply with "Mommy let me stay up really late last night."

And I would be up for Mommy of the Year Award ... AGAIN!

I am certain to win that darn award sooner or later with my amazing parenting skills.

I think I will go with option #1 ...

Except ...

I think I will add a glass of wine to the scenerio.

If you do not hear from us by Thursday ... send in the reinforcements to come and shovel us out ... and please bring wine.  I might need some more bottles by that point in time.

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  1. I was listening to the weather this evening and heard about the coming bad weather in your area. Yuck! I hope it doesn't make it over to TN. I am sick of snow! lol Be safe.

  2. We aren't in Blizzard warning here in CO, although we are very used to blizzards here. We are in a deep freeze right now. My pipes tried to freeze on me last night. Hoping I can keep them warm until the freeze lifts!

    Thank for posting on the Mystery Post Blog Hop!

  3. Hope you're doing okay where you are! We had no school today from ice and this is our 7th storm in 7 weeks. I've had about enough...and I'm starting run low on wine myself. Call the National Guard!


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