Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What the f*** did he just say?!?!?!

Oh yes!  Another "What the F*** Did He Just Say?!?!?" Moment came about in my life ... AGAIN!  These moments seem to come quit often ... and more times than I would like to admit honestly.

Oh my little E-Man.

As we were leaving the school parking lot today ... I realized I needed to turn back around so I could chec on something.  As I circled the parking lot ... and pulled back into a slot to park ... this is what Eythen says ...

Eythen:  What are we doing?

Me:  I just need to check on something really fast.


Me:  Really?  Was that necessary?  It is not like I am gonna take 4 hours or anything.

Eythen:  What?  I was just breathing.

Me:  Sounded more like an annoyed *sigh* to me.

Eythen:  No!  I was just breathing.  I did not get enough air at school today ... so I was just trying to catch up on my breathes.

Me:  *shaking head*

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