Monday, January 10, 2011

Personal trainer vs. the wife ...

Clint and I decided to make major changes in our lives when the clock struck midnight ... and we entered 2011.  We have had a rough 2 years.  And I do not mean with our marriage ... shit heck ... that is the one thing that is rock solid in our lives.

*knock on wood*

We did alot of praying ... sole searching ... and debating back and forth on what we were gonna do to make 2011 "our year".

We set alot of "goals" ... and set some of them really high ... but others are just a few inches out of our reach.

And ... some are really personal ... so I will not be sharing them with any of you.

You can breath now Clint ... 

I just suddenly had a vision of Clint holding his breath as he was reading this blog wondering how much in detail I was gonna go with our "goals".

Clint was turning blue in my vision.


One of our "goals" is to no longer be the "fluffy couple" and loose weight by eating better and actually using the gym membership that we have.  So far ... we have stuck to it. 

Unfortunately ... I can not tell you how much weight we have lost ... because we do not own a scale.

*note to self ... buy a scale*

So ... we have been watching what we eat ... and thinking of checking out the Sensa Weight Loss system. 

Actually ... a better way to pharse it is that ... we have been watching the kids eat while we are licking our lips wishing we could eat that Little Debbie Snack Cake they are eating in front of us.

Couldn't they at least have enough respect for their starving Mom and Dad ... and hide in the closet and eat the darn thing.


No respect I tell ya.

No respect.

We have also been hitting the gym every day.  I go in the morning after I take the kids to school ... and Clint goes in the evening after he gets home from work.

Last week ... Clint came home from the gym and informed me that he signed up to have the Personal Trainer train him.

Let me stop you right there and give you a little background information about myself.  I went to college and majored in Health Promotion and Recreation ... with an emphasis in Personal Training.

You see where I am going with this ... right?!?!?!

Oh ... and one more bit of information that will help towards the end of this blog post ... is knowing that my husand is a plumber.

Now ... back to the conversation that my husband managed to insult me in 2.5 seconds.

Me:  "You do remember what you wife majored in in college?!?!?!  Don't you?!?!?"

*flashing Clint a confused look*

Clint:  "Yeah".

*confused look starting to turn into an insulted look*

Me:  "Uhhhh"

Clint:  "Well.  It is just.  You know."

*yep ... insulted look going strong*

Me:  "You realize every single thing he tells you to do ... I could tell you the same exact thing."

Clint:  "O-K"

*forget the insulted look ... let's try "what the fuck heck look"*

Me:  "Sooooo ..."

Clint:  "Let the Personal Trainer train me ... and you stick with the nutritional part of our lives.  Ok?!?"

*not really sure if I have just been insulted or not*

Me:  "Sure ... but then don't be alarmed when you come home one day ... and there is a Roto Rooter plumbing van parked in the driveway ... and they are here fixing a clogged toilet."

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