Sunday, January 16, 2011

Jill ... It's a huge game!!!

One thing that you MUST know about me before you read any further into this blog post ...

I could care less about football. 

Point. Blank.

Me + Football = *yawn*

I. Could. Care. Less.


It is four LONG hours ...


It is full of guys running at full speed right towards another guy ... in hopes of knocking the crap out of them. 


I don't get it. 

What is the big deal?

*shrugging shoulders*


Sorry Clint ... I can hear him gasping in shock after he just read that last statement.

From Labor Day weekend till Super Bowl Sunday ... my husbands eats, breathes and uses beer in place of his 5 major food groups. 

During football season ... the beer is ALWAYS stocked full in the frig.  We can not have a lick of food in the house and desperately need to go to the grocery store ... but you can ALWAYS count on there being Miller Lite in the frig.




So ... I am sure you can understand why the Monday after Super Bowl Sunday ... is one of my favorite days of the year. 

I truely think I DESERVE some beautiful hot pink roses hand delivered to me as my husband walks in the door on the Monday after Super Bowl Sunday ... as a "Job Well Done" for surviving another year of football.

Hint Hint Clint!

Clint ... did you just make a mental note about that?!?!?

Even though the "suggestion" is RIGHT THERE in black and white ... 

You can rest assure ... that I will not receive hot pink roses on the Monday after Super Bowl Sunday.

Not. A. Single. One.

EVEN THOUGH my husband reads my blog daily to be sure I did not share something totally embarrassing about him ... 

He will NOT "think" about stopping by one of the ZILLION flower stores that he passes by EVERY SINGLE DAY on his way home ... that have HUGE flashing NEON signs that say "Bouquet of roses for $9.00". 


It will not cross his mind. 

Not. At. All.


Back to football.


So ... every single time Clint informs me that he is watching football and I pout just slightly ... he informs me that "It is a HUGE game". 

It does not matter if it is the first game of the year. 

It does not matter if they have lost 19 games in a row. 

It does not matter if it is his least favorite team. 

It does not matter if he is so tired he can hardly keep his eyes open. 

It does not matter if the sound broke on the tv and you can not hear a single thing they are saying. 

It does not matter if the game is not televised and he has to listen to it on the radio. 

I will hear the samething ... EACH and EVERY time ... "Jill!  It is a HUGE game."

So ... I gave up years ago and stopped complaining.

Well ... ok ... I gave up a few years ago and stopped complaining.

Alright ... I gave up last year and stopped complaining.


Fine ... I still whine every now and then and get slightly annoyed when he has watched football ALL FREAKING DAY LONG.

BUT ... the end is FINALLY insight for me this football season. 

Super Bowl Sunday is quickly approaching!!! 

I really have no idea when Super Bowl Sunday is ... but I know it is normally towards the end of January.

AND ... the ONLY reason I know that ... is because my husband proposed to me ON Super Bowl Sunday ... 11 years ago.  Oh yes!  He got down on one knee ... with a house full of friends ... and proposed to me before the game began on Super Bowl Sunday.

I. Hate. Football.


I DO know that "Today is a HUGE game" because the Bears play ... which is Clint's favorite team. 

I also know ... that if they loose ... Clint will be in a REALLY bad mood.

AND ... I also know ... that I am praying that they win ... so Clint is in a really good mood ... because there are a few things I need taken care of around the house ... and I know I am more likely to "convince" him to help me if the Bears win.


P.S.  Harleigh and I were comfy in our pajama pants ... cuddled in my bed ... watching cartoons ...while these crazy football freaks were watching the Bears play football.

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