Friday, January 7, 2011

Award Winner List ...

I can not believe I forgot to share this bit of information with all of you.

*drum roll please*

Heard On The Playground came across my blog and liked it so much ... that they asked me to submit some of my post to possibly be displayed on their website. 

Awesome huh?!?!?

If only it paid the bills it would be even more awesome!!!

(this is taken straight from Heard On The Playground website ...)

The mission of the site is simple, take all those moments that we see kids doing something hysterical (which in some cases can seem like every few minutes) and put them on a site for all of us to enjoy. Why should such great entertainment be limited to only a few. Kids are probably one of the best sources of humor and fun, so why not share the wealth.

Life is short, so join in on the fun, make a few posts and get a few laughs. Just remember, you‘ve heard it all here...well for the moment because kids never stop being funny and adults just can‘t help but laugh.

So ... stop on by Heard On The Playgound to read some funny happenings that people have experienced. 

AND ... I just got notified that a few of my post were selected to be on the AWARD WINNER list!!!

Here are the ones that they put on their AWARD WINNER LIST.

Recently my daughter, Harleigh, asked "Mommy, how do animals get the babies out of their tummies?  Not ready for the birds and the bees talk with my 7 year old, I lied "I am not sure. Let me try to find out and I will tell you later."  Refusing to give up, Harliegh says "Maybe Daddy knows?"  Digging my hole deeper I reply "I am pretty sure your Dad has no idea where babies come from."  So Harliegh says "I guess that makes sense since Mommies know everything and Daddies work hard."  Standing up for the male population's knowledge of reproduction, my son answers "Babies come out of their butt.   Where else could they come out?"

As I was tucking Eythen into bed this evening when he said to me: "Hey Mom. I think I am gonna feel yucky tomorrow.  So does that mean I can stay up tonight and watch cartoons since I'll be too sick to go to school tomorrow?"

This morning I was asked to go on a lunch date at the school cafeteria by my adorable little 5 year old.  As I walked into the cafeteria, my son greeted me with a smile and tried to make me feel welcomed by saying "Mommy, the school lunches are so good. I know you are going to like it better than the food you cook. I sure do." 

Since all of the post selected in the AWARD WINNER LIST were "Eythen-isms" ... I guess it just proves ... what Clint and I have thought all along. 

That Eythen is a nut case.

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