Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Super Speller to the rescue ...

One thing that Breeanna has always been a rockstar at ... besides melting the boys hearts and having her Daddy wrapped around her little finger ... is Spelling. Ever since 1st grade ... when the weekly spelling test began ... she has always amazed me on how quickly she picks up on the words. So really ... it was no surprise to me ... when her 4th grade class began a "Super Speller" program ... and Bree has been apart of it every single week. The students are given their list of spelling words on Monday ... and they take a "practice" test on Wednesday. If they pass the "practice" test on Wednesday ... they do not have to take it on Friday. Let's just say ... that Bree has yet to have to add spelling to her homework list on Thursday evenings. Like I said ... a rockstar at Spelling. So proud of you baby girl! So proud!


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