Monday, December 20, 2010

Merry Christmas from our chaos ...

I read these sweet amazing Christmas letters ... on how great peoples lives are and how amazing their year turned out to be.  Is it just me ... or is everyones lives all hunkey dorey?!?!

Where are the Christmas letters that say that there is never enough money at the end of the month?  That we go through bandaids left and right in our house.  That there is never enough hours in the day to get everything done.  My laundry seems to multiply like rabbits.  It is my sole mission in 2011 ... to find "I didn't do it", "It wasn't me", "I don't know", and "That isn't mine" and make them clean up their mess.  Some evenings ... the beer/wine goes down a bit to smooth.  The kids room never seems to stay clean.  Somedays the kids argue so much you would think that they were beta fish locked up in the same bowl.  There is always toothpaste streaks in the bathroom sink ... which I just cleaned 5 hours prior.  Someone is always pouting in our house ... and yes ... sometimes it is me.  I think my children might turn into chicken nuggets as much as they ask to eat them.  Some months I think we bit off more than we can chew.  The dog barks so loud when someone rings the doorbell ... that the house moves off of the foundation. 

Where are those Christmas letters? 

Those are the ones that I wanna read!

Merry Christmas from our messy, semi-organized, chaotic, halls-half-decked, behind schedule, imperfect, maybe-next-year-we'll-start-earlier, warm, happy, full-of-love house to yours!


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