Monday, December 27, 2010

Looking in the rear view mirror at 2010 ...

I must admit ... 2009 SUCKED donkey balls for the Moore family. When we said goodbye to 2009 ... we buried it deep in a whole and hit it over the head with a shovel a couple of times ... to make sure it did not come back to haunt us. If it was not one thing in 2009 ... it was another that went wrong in our lives. From Mr. and Mrs. Roper backing out the day before closing on buying our house (yep ... still bitter towards them a whole year later) ... to Clint being layed off with the Union for many, many, MANY, MANY ... did I mention MANY months ... along with numerous other things that kept us saying "Why us?!?!?".

The one thing that kept Clint and I going ... was the factor that we kept telling one another that ... we had our health, we were happy and we had a roof over our heads.

And trust me ... we said that ALOT in 2009.

F**king 2009.

I have to admit ... we had ALOT of high hopes for 2010. We placed ALOT of pressure on 2010 shoulders. 2010 had ALOT to live up to.

And ... the good news is ... we still have our health ... we are happy ... and we have a roof over our heads.

*awkard smile*

*shrugging shoulders*

On the New Year's Eve in 2009 ... we were literally kicking 2009's ass out the door at the stroke of midnight ... and welcoming 2010 with open arms.

Unfortunately ... 2010 was not as great as we hoped it to be. Although ... we did learn one really valuable lesson!!! Would you like me to share it with you?!?!?! It is pretty darn simple. We learned to say "F**k it" and keep on moving. We learned not to look back and dwell on what we could have done differently. We now just say, "F**k it" ... and keep on moving. It is a very valuable lesson to be learned I must say. I am surprised we did not read about ... or hear about it ... sooner!?!?!?! It would have came in handy in 2009.

*sarcastic laugh*

Yet again ... we have alot of high hopes for 2011. And yet again ... we have alot riding on 2011 shoulders. And yet again ... 2011 has alot to live up to.

Why break the tradition???


*rolling eyes*

*shrugging shoulders*

So ... here I am ... bidding a farewell to "not exactly what we expected" in 2010 ... (but a shit load better than 2009) ... and looking forward to what is waiting for us right around the corner in 2011. I am certain that 2011 is going to be our year. It is gonna be the year that miracles happen ... wishes are granted ... and dreams finally come true.

Here is to a new year ... a new start ... and new amazing things that 2011 will bring.

*fingers crossed*

Please!!! Oh Please!!! Oh Please!!! Oh Please!!! Oh Please!!!

*fingers crossed even tighter*


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